The Console Table & Sofa Table

What is the difference between a Console Table and a Sofa Table? The terms describe the same basic piece of furniture. A wide table that is shallow in depth, and roughly table or desk height. [...]

Identifying Your Decorating Style

Some people very clearly know what they like and do not like when it comes to decorating their home. While others do not have a clue where to begin or even know what they like. If you are one of [...]

Our Favorite Paint Colors

In our last blog post we discussed how to select the best paint color for your space. This week we are sharing some of our all-time favorite paint colors. We have a very strong like for Benjamin [...]

Selecting the Best Paint Color

As designers we are often asked to fix people’s paint mistakes. We frequently hear, “I thought __________ (fill in a color) would look good in this room, but when it went up on the walls it just [...]

Tips on Accessorizing Your Home

Accessorizing your home can be a daunting task. We have seen people build entire homes and have clear opinions of what they want when it comes to their space plans, overall style, kitchen design, [...]

Designing with Rugs

Do you know the difference between a rug and a carpet? Carpet is broadloom, usually woven at twelve feet wide by any length and on a long roll. Carpet is meant to be installed wall-to-wall, [...]

Ceilings – What’s Up?

What’s happening on your ceiling, a whole lot of nothing? Do not worry you are not alone. It is the most forgotten and least designed space in the home. We call it the forgotten 6th plane. A room [...]

The Art of Arranging Furniture

One of the many tasks Interior Designers are called upon to do is layout furniture within a space. Designers study and practice space planning furniture within a room and they develop these [...]

Bathroom Design Trends

What is going on in the bathroom these days that hasn’t been going on for centuries?   The answer: a lot!! We have been seeing some definite trends over the past few years that are continuing to [...]

Kitchen Design Basics

Where does one begin to plan a new kitchen? Clearly a space plan is needed and we recommend starting with appliances. Where are they? How far apart are they? How many are there? Which ones? And [...]

Bold Color Ceilings

Here is a great article about using bold ceiling colors: Heads-Up Hues: 10 Bold Ceiling Colors Architecture, interior design, and more ∨Use the help of top home decorators to select matching [...]

Is an interior ever truly completed?

While working on submissions for the Interior Design Awards recently, I began to think about this question. The submitted projects for the design competition had to have been completed within a [...]