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5 Design Trends for Your Dream Kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, the ideas and possibilities are endless. Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in the home and homeowners will usually remodel their kitchen at least once every 10 years for either comfort or resale value. Whatever the reason, it’s always exciting to brainstorm dream kitchen ideas and make them a reality.

Check out WPL Interior Design’s portfolio to see the different types of kitchens we’ve helped create. Our goal is to take your dream kitchen designs and bring them to life. To partner up with us for your next kitchen remodel, fill out our design project inquiry form and we will reach out to you to set up a consultation.

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Because all of our designs are tailored to our clients, every kitchen is different. And through our projects, we are seeing a lot of exciting kitchen trends that continue to make the kitchen more unique and impressive. Here are five big trends we are seeing this year.

Your Favorite Color on Your Cabinets

White continues to be a safe bet for kitchens, but it’s by no means the trend for kitchens. Instead,  bold colors are being used to bring life to cabinets and walls. Warm colors have been especially popular during the summer months, but homes with black or blue kitchens have been reported to sell for about $1500 more than other similar homes.

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If you are in love with a vibrant color but don’t want it to overwhelm your kitchen, consider pairing a bright color with something more neutral for two-tone cabinets. Many colors also balance well with natural elements, like stone countertops or backsplashes.

Is Black the New Stainless?

Stainless steel continues (and will likely forever be) the popular choice for kitchen appliances. After all, it matches well with almost any other color or texture and it looks expensive. But now, both stainless black and matte black is also rising in popularity when it comes to our favorite appliances. Like silver stainless, black also matches well with other colors and textures, and it can even help modernize older styles without looking too out of place.

The Smartest Room in the House

Smart kitchens are not a trend that will be going away. If anything, kitchens are only getting smarter! Take the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, for example. Built-in cameras inside the fridge allow you to see what’s inside without having to open the door and wi-fi capabilities allow you to search up recipes for what you have on hand. You can also customize the refrigerator door as a homescreen, leaving notes for your family or decorating with digital photos.

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Whirlpool, LG, Bosch, and others are also offering smart appliance sets with a variety of controls. You can now ask your oven what temperature it’s at, start your dishwasher from a remote location, and even turn your faucet on with your voice.

Keeping It Clutter-Free

Everyone loves a big kitchen and there are ways to make your kitchen look larger, even if it’s not actually that big. Hidden appliances are a huge trend that homeowners love because it helps keep your kitchen looking clean and clutter-free. From countertop stoves and hoodless ventilation to dishwashers and pantries hidden behind drawers, you can make your kitchen look sleek and effortless.

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Durable (Yet Beautiful) Flooring

With all the fun that happens in the kitchen, most homeowners want their kitchen floor to not only look beautiful and luxurious, but to also last for years to come. As we mentioned last week, ceramic tile is one of the leading choices with an excess amount of possibilities. Not only is it so easy to clean and very durable, but you can make it look like anything you want. Some homeowners also like to install heating systems below the tiles so that it won’t be so cold in the winter months. Luxury vinyl flooring is also a great option for kitchen floors. Like ceramic tile, it’s very easy to clean and you can find it in a variety of patterns that mimic stone or wood. Some people also like that vinyl flooring is a little softer than tile, making it more pleasant to stand on for longer periods of time.

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

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