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Adding color to your home does not have to mean a complete change of color palette to your entire house. You don’t need to paint walls or redo backsplashes to add color. There are several ways to add colors to your home if you know what accessories to put in each room.

Color in Your Kitchen

If you’re searching for kitchen cabinet color trends in 2021, you’ve found an even easier way to add color to your kitchen. Sure, you could paint your cabinets a trendy, earth tone like a blue or a shade of green, and it would be a fabulous way to add color to your kitchen.

Alternatively, if you want to do something more manageable to add some color to your kitchen, you could go a different and much easier way. Change up your tablecloth for something bright or replace placemats in a new design. You could even use cloth napkins to add some color to your table. New dishes can also be a great way to add some color.

Color in the Living Room

Home décor color trends for 2021 tell us that you should be using a color palette like Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color palette. The colors are gorgeous and could easily complement any space, especially the living room. Some changes are easier to make that can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Adding Color to Your Home | WPL Interior Design

If painting is not your thing, though, don’t despair. You have so many options for adding color to your home and living room. Changing curtains adds bold new statements that are not permanent, and so does adding new accent pillows or replacing pillow covers.

Color in Your Bathroom

Adding color in the bathroom is also a simple thing to do that won’t take long to accomplish. Think about the important fixtures in the bathroom, not including your lighting or faucets. Consider the knobs on cabinets or towel holders instead. Those can all be easily replaced with a new metallic finish to punch up your bathroom appearance.

Do not forget about the towels or bathroom rugs, too. Changing those out for new colors can add a new vibrancy to an otherwise dull bathroom. If you have a yellow bathroom, adding green rugs along with some contemporary wall art is enough to breathe new life into a well-used space.

Color in The Bedroom

When people talk about color in the bedroom, they often think about painting the walls or adding an accent wall. That is not what this is all about; it’s about finding the right accent pieces to bring your bedroom to the next level.

Adding Color to Your Home | WPL Interior Design

The most significant piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed. Why not select linens that reflect the colors you would like to see? Go after that bold red if that’s what you want. Add a few throw pillows or thoughtfully placed artistic pieces, and your room can feel new all over again.

Adding Color Does Not Have to Be Difficult

When you want to add temporary changes and just a few pops of color to your existing situation, always look at accessories. Pillows, curtains, cabinet knobs, towels, rugs – choose anything you can easily replace with something different. Those things might be small but changing things up can be just enough to make you feel refreshed when you only have a few minutes to spare.

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