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The banquette is one of those pieces of furniture that is very under-rated but highly functional. Defined as “an upholstered bench along a wall, especially in a restaurant or bar” the French word describes a variety of shapes and styled upholstered seating usually used for dining seating.

If space is limited this wall hugging piece of furniture eliminates the need for circulation around a dining table and pushes the seating group against a wall, allowing for more seating in a tight space. There is a reason why restaurants love banquettes because it actually takes up more space to have individual tables and chairs throughout.

Sometimes these practical pieces of furniture fit squarely against a wall or in an otherwise unused corner, but they can also be used back to back in a restaurant setting to maximize space.

In your home a banquette can really save you space and create a practical, comfortable dining and work space at your table. There is something really lovely about having your Sunday morning coffee and breakfast on a banquette while perusing the New York Times. It’s a sophisticated and comfortable piece of furniture that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. It has great versatility and can work in a dining room, breakfast room, a corner of a living or even outdoors. While it has been around for centuries, we have seen a recent growth in its popularity. Next time you are dealing with a tight dining space consider the banquette.

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