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Creating an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love

Having an outdoor living space has always been enjoybale for households big and small. Since the pandemic, they have become an even more desirable home feature. They are considered a safer environment for small groups to gather and allow for more space to social distance. Being outside of your home is also a great way to “escape” from your house without going too far. Here are some popular ways we’re seeing homeowners spruce up their outdoor areas.

A Cozy Patio Fire Pit

Everyone loves a fire pit. It’s an excellent place for people to gather around to hang out or roast marshmallows. A fire pit is a perfect addition to any patio where friends and family can gather. Options for outdoor fire pits include installing a wood-burning or gas-burning unit. There are also plenty of portable options if you would like something you can move around as needed.

Covered Seating Keeps the Party Going

With several different options for outdoor coverings, there is something for every budget. From gazebos or awnings to pergolas and canopies, each allows you to enjoy patio living even if the weather might get in the way. A smaller space can benefit from a large patio umbrella with the added convenience of removing it as needed. Plus, you can tilt umbrellas to follow the sun and adjust the shade where you want it.

Installing New Patio Doors

Doors connect spaces, indoors and out, so pay special attention to the patio doors. Consider updating your existing patio doors with ones that invite you to go outside to improve the space. French patio doors are an elegant option that does not necessarily take up too much space, and they’re also easy to open if you’re holding a tray of food that you’re taking out to your friends. Another option is installing multi-slide patio doors. These doors open the entire wall to create a seamless feel going from inside to the outdoors. If you install a sliding door that is also a pocket door, the patio door will disappear into your wall, giving you an open-air atmosphere.

Outdoor Kitchens 

Having an outdoor kitchen allows you to cook for everyone and still be able to participate in conversation with your friends. If you decide to install an outdoor kitchen, give it some genuine consideration, and make sure you have what you need. Essentials may include enough counter space and grilling surface area in addition to storage for your cooking utensils. You may also want a minifridge to keep your drinks cold or an outdoor bar that doubles as storage.

Adding the Right Furniture

Neutral colors and materials are a plus because they are less likely to look dated or mismatched in the future. They’re also easy to update with fresh pops of color with throw pillows, colorful rugs, and attractive planters. Also, consider whether you want an area for dining, lounging, or something that works for multiple scenarios. It would mean the difference between a lounge set, an outdoor dining set, or a combination that could make a pleasant patio living experience for every occasion.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Don’t forget that you’ll have to clean the furniture in your outdoor living space every so often. Choose pieces that are easy to clean and can take exposure to the elements. Plastic is easiest to maintain, and wrought iron is, too, with the occasional reapplication of rust-resistant paint. Wicker and rattan are best cleaned with a solution of dish soap and warm water. Darker natural materials also tend to hold up better because they are usually treated with weather-resistant coating. Outdoor fabrics that can’t be thrown in the washer should also be cleaned with a dish soap and water solution.

Landscaping Adds Atmosphere

What type of mood or atmosphere do you want from your outdoor space? Do you want a fairy garden or a contemporary outdoor space? The plants you choose for your landscaping will contribute to your results. Spider plants and climbing vines mixed with florals give a Secret Garden vibe, while various edibles mixed with succulents will appear more contemporary. Of course, those are just suggestions. Your best bet is to visit with an experienced nursery worker who knows your climate and what plants will thrive in your area.

There are so many different elements available for the outside of your home. Once you get it all together, gathering your friends and family outside will give you a chance to make some fantastic memories. Our designers at WPL Interior Design are happy to lend our expertise to create a fantastic outdoor living space for you and your loved ones. Get started today by filling out our online design form!

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