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What is happening to the bathtub?

Have you noticed lately that bathtubs are getting very stylish and very sexy? What is changing with this centuries old plumbing fixture?

Remember those aircraft carrier sized tub decks that surrounded tubs and made them difficult to get into? Remember all the extra cost involved in building and finishing that tub deck?

Well the bathtub is evolving, or more accurately, going back to its roots. The bathing vessel has been around for thousands of years and in the 18th & 19th centuries the claw foot tub was introduced and became popular. But in the latter half of the 20th century the bathtub morphed into this massive built-in tub deck with a drop-in or under mount bathtub as its centerpiece.

All that is changing; the tub is going back to its roots and is becoming a free standing sculptural work of art in the contemporary bathroom. The trend has been away from the big clunky and cumbersome tub decks of old and towards shapely free standing vessels that require less space and which give the homeowner much more style, drama and sex appeal in the bathroom.

Kohler now sells more free-standing tubs than they do tubs for tub decks and last time we checked the free-standing tub was outselling the tub deck 2 to 1.

When you consider the wasted space that a tub deck requires, along with extra costs for the framing, cabinetry facing and stone tub deck, you quickly realize why these free-standing vessel tubs are becoming so popular. We recently installed one in a master bedroom in front of a fireplace. The other place they are appearing now is inside the shower, thereby separating the bathroom into wet room and dry room. So the next time you remodel your bathroom consider saving money, getting more space and more style with a free standing vessel tub.

A Few Tubs from WPL Design Projects

Bathroom-Bathtub-Tub-Design-Philadelphia_0599 Bathroom-Bathtub-Tub-Design-Philadelphia_0597


Manufacturer Photos of Bathtub Concepts 

Bathroom-Bathtub-Tub-Design-Philadelphia_0600 Bathroom-Bathtub-Tub-Design-Philadelphia_0602 Bathroom-Bathtub-Tub-Design-Philadelphia_0601

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