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Ottomans provide a unique look to any room and can be used in various ways. First and foremost, it’s a great piece of furniture to kick back and relax after a long day. You can also find ottomans that act as extra storage in your home. Lastly, one way we especially love to use ottomans is as a coffee table, but it can be frustrating to figure out how to best utilize your ottoman pertaining to the space.

Choose Your Size

Ottomans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Their versatility makes them a fun piece of furniture to consider for your home. Maybe you want an ottoman that looks more like a seat and is shorter in size, so that you can use your living room table as a desk. Or maybe you want something that can double as a seat or a temporary side table. You can find ottomans that are the star piece of furniture in a room or ones that are the last finishing touch.

Storage or No Storage?

Ottomans with storage are great for people who want to be able to store things inside the ottoman. This can be helpful for people who need to hide away extra blankets, pillows, or anything else. It’s a great solution for small space living or when you want a room to look more spacious and tidy. Additionally, ottomans with storage can often double as a bench.

Ottomans without storage are great for people who want a simple, sleek look. These ottomans often come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Additionally, they can be easily moved around the room without worrying about any pieces coming apart.

A Stylish Coffee Table

An ottoman works as a footrest, extra seat, and coffee table all in one. If you are looking to double an ottoman as a coffee table, it’s best to find one that is a larger size—look for ottomans that are roughly the same size as a similar coffee table. You will also want to consider the surface of the ottoman; the flatter, the better. If an ottoman has too many tufts or an uneven surface, it will not work well as a table surface. Some ottoman manufacturers may make special accessories for a table surface, but this is not super common.

Once you’ve found the right ottoman for your space, you can turn it into a coffee table by adding a serving tray on top of it. To add some style and decor, consider a flower vase or a short stack of books. Of course, make sure to leave enough space for a couple of coffee cups or a small plate of snacks and appetizers!

Other Ottoman Accessories

There are other ways to accessorize your ottoman, even if you’re not using it as a coffee table. Drape a colorful throw or small blanket over it to liven up the room. If you’re using an ottoman as a bench, dress it up with some patterned throw pillows for more comfort and coziness. You may even want to consider purchasing a smaller side table to complement your ottoman.

There are lots of ways you can decorate an ottoman and make it work both functionally and aesthetically in your home. What is your favorite way to use an ottoman?

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