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Incorporating More Living Coral into Your Home

Each year, Pantone announces their Pantone Color of the Year. This continues their tradition of inspiring not only interior design but also fashion, graphic design, beauty, and social media. Late last year, they announced Living Coral (16-1546) as their 2019 selection. Pantone describes this color as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. More versatile than you may think, read on to see how you can incorporate this hue into your home.

Adding Light and Bright to Walls and More

Playful yet comforting, Living Coral can provide a dramatic or subtle sense of vibrancy depending on how it’s used. Drama comes in the form of Living Coral on the walls of a room, front door, kitchen cabinets, or ceiling. Paired with white trim and cooler tones such as greens and blues, you can still achieve a balanced look. Too dramatic? Instead, go for a subtle look. Paint door or window trim, chair rails, or an accent wall among crisp whites and sapphire blue. Similarly, for accent walls, coral-themed wallpaper can carry the same effect.

For specific color inspiration, Pantone released multiple palettes with hues that complement Living Coral. “Under the Sea” includes deeper blues, blue greens, pink, yellow, and a lighter blue. However, “Focal Point” features more neutral tones such as light gray, dark gray, and mauve. Use these palettes as tools to accent what you already have without clashing or taking away from your current style.

Furniture with Flair

Aside from painting walls or trim, you can integrate Living Coral through primary or accent pieces of furniture. Be bold in the living room with an orange/coral sofa. Give a bedroom dresser a fresh coat of Living Coral-inspired paint. Also imagine adding warmth to a room with a bookshelf, velvet armchair, or woven chair in this comforting shade. Living Coral brings a neutral space to life alongside brass, gray, white lacquer, and blue. Again, you can reference the Pantone palettes to feed your creativity and decide how to feature these statement furniture pieces.

Pops of Color

Sneaking in hints of Living Coral through accents in your home is a great way to infuse the energy this color brings. Unsure of where to start? The bathroom is a safe place to feature color that may not be present elsewhere in the home. Think bath and hand towels or the shower curtain. In social spaces such as the living room, throws, throw pillows, and shag rugs in this color work well among cooler tones. Living Coral with these tones brings balance without sacrificing color. Furthermore, warmth and comfort can shine through vases or lamps that pair coral shades with gold or brass. Additionally, designers have found Living Coral flows well in spaces with emerald and gold. These are two other trendy colors that may already be present in your home.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to play with pattern when integrating Living Coral accents. Add some flair to a room with coral and white stripes or ombre on curtains, floor poufs, or cushions. Reupholster a bench with patterned fabric featuring this color. This bench would stand out alongside blue and white or blue and green bedding. The potential combinations truly are endless.

If you are redecorating, starting from scratch, or unsure of where to even begin, we’re here to help. Contact us today to help you integrate Living Coral and add another level of comfort and vibrancy into your home.

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