Master Bathroom Design Trends 2016

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We reported on bathroom design trends over a year ago and now we have some updates as to what is hot in 2016, specifically in the master bathrooms.

Larger Master Bathrooms

The master bathroom continues to grow in size in both new construction and renovation projects. We are frequently taking space from other rooms/areas to make the master bath larger. Sometimes these are part of a dressing room and other times completely separate.


Toilet Compartments

With larger master bathrooms, clients more increasingly want the toilet in its own space. This gives people privacy and contains any unpleasant noise or odors in one small space. Always put an exhaust fan in the toilet compartment and make sure it is well lit.


No Stand Alone Bidets

We recently wrote a blog post about the bidet, but it is very seldom requested in design projects. Unless clients had one before they do not request them. What is becoming popular are the toilets that act as bidets. People are beginning to embrace these, but they can be very expensive.


Showers Over Tubs

Clients are taking out old bathtubs and replacing them with showers. It seems few have the time to actually take a bath and the general rule of thumb is as long as there is one tub in the house the other bathrooms can all have showers. As a result, we frequently have requests for master bathrooms without tubs. Clients would much rather use the space for a larger shower, his and her vanities, or the toilet compartment, rather than have a tub in the room that will have seldom use.

 Showers Are Still Getting Larger

Body sprays and multiple shower heads (wall, rain and combinations of both) are still being requested and as such the shower is still getting larger. The shower frequently has niches for bottles and built-in seats with separate hand-held showers nearby. Steam showers are big too, the shower is becoming a way to have a bit of spa luxury at home.


The Bathtub Is Completely Disappearing Or Becoming A Free-Standing Vessel

The large vast bathtub deck with all of its wasted space is dying and the free-standing vessel tub with artistic style and sculptural forms is taking its place. It’s been a slow transition but as this occurs more and more fabulous looking tubs are being manufactured. These very stylish tubs save space, yet are much prettier to look at than the big tub deck with a bath that looks more like a hot tub than a bath tub.

Master-Bathroon-Design-Trends-2016-WPL_0425-Victoria Master-Bathroon-Design-Trends-2016-WPL_0424-Victoria Master-Bathroon-Design-Trends-2016-WPL_0423-VictoriaImages by Victoria + Albert

His And Her Vanities Or Some Space In Between

Vanities are being separated or at least elongated. Women much prefer separate vanities over longer ones. Separate means his stuff won’t creep down to their side. Separating the two means they can share the space in the morning but they don’t have to be on top of each other. If the vanity cannot be separated into two, due to space constraints, we always do two bowls.

Master-Bathroon-Design-Trends-2016-WPL_0422-KohlerImages by Kohler

Tiles Are Becoming Works Of Art

A broader range of tile choices means we no longer are stuck with boring four by four (4” by 4”) or subway tile. These more specialized and decorative tiles range in materials, colors and patterns, and therefore tile is becoming the art of the bathroom.

Bells And Whistles

Other trends that are popular in large master bathroom suites are televisions, music speakers, heated floors, heated towel racks, linen closets, steam rooms and saunas, secondary laundry facilities, great lighting, fireplaces and when available a great view.


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