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"Poppy Field with Olive Trees" photographic images on metal plate

Landscape image created through a process of superimposing twenty photographs on top of one another. The photographs are taken on the same day but at different times to give the final image the effect of the olive trees and poppies blowing and swaying in the field. Printed on aluminum panel. Unframed. Old olive trees and vibrant red poppies in an olive orchard provide a vibrant setting for this one of a kind landscape piece.  It beautifully captures a trip to Tuscany. This display is most spectacular on the hills of the heavily alkaline Crete Senesi in the Val d’Orcia before the crops are planted, and is the object of many a photographic excursion to that area of Tuscany during the last days or April and early May. Cultivation of agricultural land is often detrimental to wild plant species but not so the Tuscan poppy which, indeed, is also known as the “corn poppy” because it thrives on land subject to the annual rhythm of grain cultivation. This species is also famous under the name “Flanders poppy”, the emblem of the fallen soldiers of World War I. Papaver rhoeas, the variety of papavero (poppy) that has become known as the Tuscan poppy, probably originated in Egypt, where the cyclic agricultural practices regulated by the annual flood of the Nile began favoring this spectacular plant. By growing on disturbed soil and seeding itself profusely during its growing season, the poppy has found a perfect harmony with the agricultural practices for the past 3,000 years or so and remains of poppies have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Dimensions: 44 3/4″ wide x 29 3/4″ high

$1,400.00 $700.00

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