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What Tile Works Best for Your Home?

You’ve decided to update the tile in your home, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for, so you start wondering what tile will be best for what you need. Maybe it’s been out of style for longer than you can remember, or perhaps you’re just in need of a change. Whatever the case may be, you’ll come across so many ideas and styles it can be difficult to narrow down what you’re looking for.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices for home tiles because not only is it affordable, it’s also durable. It can also work in any room, from the bathroom to the living room. Glazed ceramic tiles also don’t stain easily and can stand up better to damage than most other materials.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is even more durable than ceramic tile due to the higher amounts of quartz and silica baked into the tile. It tends to be more expensive, and it can also be made to resemble a variety of other materials. For example, porcelain tile can be textured to look like hardwood, marble, or even brick.

Marble Tile

Marble is one of the most expensive natural stones, but it portrays an elegance like nothing else. It is both bold and difficult to replicate perfectly. The natural mineral lines are unique to every piece, making it possible to apply a beautiful contrast to your tiles. Marble tile also requires sealing to protect it from staining, so you’ll have to be aware of that if you choose to go this route.

Glass Tile

Glass tile has plenty of pros and cons associated with it. While glass is more resistant to staining even if you drop a glass of red wine on it, glass is much more likely to crack or chip. It’s better for a wall as opposed to a countertop or a flooring choice.

Granite Tile

Granite, similar to marble, is a natural stone that can be used in flooring or countertops. It’s significantly harder than other materials like marble, and it also naturally repels water. Granite is a more expensive option, but it leaves a beautiful, unique look wherever you choose to use it. It also won’t absorb stains, so if you drop that wine, all you need to do is wipe up the wine since it’s easy to clean up.

Other Natural Stone Tiles

While marble and granite are the most popular stone tiles, other options include limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, and limestone. They’re all porous, though; you’ll have to seal them to prevent staining and discoloration over time if you want to use them. They’re all relatively durable, so as long as you maintain the tiles correctly, they’re great options for your flooring.

Choosing Your Tile

When the time comes to choose your tile, you need to think about what kind of traffic you can expect over your tile, along with the maintenance you’re willing to do. For low-maintenance options, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or granite are the way to go. If you want an elegant high-end appearance, marble makes an excellent choice, but it does mean that you’ll need to reseal the tiles from time to time. Remember to think about where they’ll go and what you can expect for the space, and you’ll be ready to choose the best tile for your needs.

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