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3 Ways to Work with an Interior Designer

What makes a house a home? This is a question many homeowners may ask themselves when changing an existing space or with new construction. Partnering with a residential interior designer is a great way to enhance the quality and depth of these projects. Interior design is all about starting with and fulfilling the client’s vision. At WPL Interior Design, we enter into your space ready to listen so we can help you bring your ideas to life. Read on to learn more about what it means to work with an interior designer, whether it’s for remodeling, interior decorating, or new construction.

Changing The Space

Renovating or remodeling is all about taking existing spaces and helping them better suit your lifestyle. Working with an interior designer from day one can help your project get completed in a timely manner and with fewer unexpected hiccups. We can create a design for contractors to bid on to find the best team to fulfill your vision. The designer can then collaborate with the necessary professionals to ensure all aspects are considered in the decision-making process.

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A Facelift For Your Room

Perhaps you want to change the story told by your space without making significant structural changes. An interior designer can help you redecorate so that your home better reflects you. Creating an updated but cohesive look can be accomplished through changing wall colors, wall treatments, adding furniture, reupholstering existing furniture, or finding a new area rug with the right dimensions.

Whatever the situation, interior designers can help you save time and money, as we have access to many manufacturers and furnishing pieces that the general public may not know about. We are also more aware of current trends and what manufacturers are producing to give you input as you make your decisions.

Another benefit is problem-solving in your existing space as the decoration process ensues. If the sun is too bright when you watch TV, we can help you rearrange or select new window treatments. If your space feels sterile, we can help you choose textures and pieces that create a more comfortable, yet cohesive, vibe.

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New Construction: Starting from Scratch

Similar to remodeling and renovation, we recommend working with a residential interior designer from the beginning with new construction. You may have limited options or a model with preset specifications for your new home or condominium. Or you may be working outside of a housing association or an existing development, so you have endless options. Whatever the scenario, an interior designer can help you customize the inside of your space to reflect your individual style. We will work with the architect and developer to consider layouts, electrical, and lighting plans every step of the way. Interior designers also strive to work with function, aesthetics, and safety in mind. This is particularly relevant with new construction. Qualified interior designers are adept at reading blueprints, knowing building codes, and understanding inspection regulations.

The WPL Interior Design team is ready to partner with you for your next project. Whether you are starting from scratch or making changes to an existing space, contact us to help you bring your vision to life.

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Photos: Jay Greene Photography

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