The partners at WPL Interior Design have been designing luxury interiors for homes and businesses for more than 40 years. We are based in Philadelphia, PA, but our work can be seen around the world.

Our eye for style is backed by years of formal design training, and over the years we have undertaken every type of interior design project imaginable. Most of our clients continue to work with us for years to come.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you have a design need that doesn’t seem to fit in the categories below, contact us and we’ll discuss what you have in mind.


A renovation isn’t just about top-of-the-line appliances and a gorgeous backsplash — although that can certainly be a part of it. It’s about taking a room you’re just living in and transforming it into an oasis that soothes your soul. And shouldn’t that be what home feels like?

Whether it’s a luxury master suite, a sophisticated home theater, or an outdoor living space complete with kitchen and lounge area, we can transform your existing space to reflect your ultimate vision and preserve your unique style & taste.


Everything about a room tells a story, whether it’s the furniture placement, the color palette, or your choice of lighting.

When a room feels outdated or impersonal (or just not aligned with your evolving taste), but doesn’t require any major structural changes, we have a wide array of tools and expertise available to create the gorgeous, welcoming space you desire.


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When you purchase a brand new home or condominium, you often choose a model from 6-10 different options, and the developer builds out the space according to a predetermined set of specifications. As a result, these build-outs can feel somewhat impersonal and “cookie cutter.”

In this situation, we’ll work alongside your developer and customize every element of the interior space — window/wall treatments, furniture, etc.— to create a luxury interior that stays true to your individual style.


When the entire build is brand new (i.e. not part of an existing development or housing association), the possibilities are endless — but designing your dream home from scratch is as exciting as it is daunting.

Starting with a blank slate can be challenging because it’s hard to envision something from nothing. That’s why it’s so important to bring in the right team, to not only guide and assist you in your overall vision, but to ensure everyone on the team is aligned with that vision.


The look and feel of your property is a key asset in your overall brand messaging. Effective space planning, up-to-date accessories, and a cohesive, comfortable environment will send a more positive, professional message to your prospective clients and/or tenants.

As customers grow increasingly sophisticated in their expectations, bringing in a professional interior design team will ensure that your business or commercial property exudes elegance & style, while adhering to any relevant regulations and building codes.


The moment we enter a space, it speaks to us. One space wants to be Mid-Century Modern; another, Art Deco. Some spaces ask for varying elements from a mixture of styles. Our first question is, “What does this space want to be? “What could it be?”

But our vision isn’t the one that matters, YOURS IS. You are the lens that filters all our could-be’s and would-be’s into a cohesive vision which perfectly expresses your unique sense of style.

Once we have a clear vision, we consider all the tools and skills at our disposal, and all the challenges we will face. We consider the budget and timeline we have to work with. And then we know what’s possible. Of course, we present you with our ideas, and work with you to clarify and refine the entire process from beginning to end. You’ll always work with one of our named partners, and we’ll take care of every detail throughout the entire project.

And when the space is complete? Take a deep breath. You’re home.

Disclaimer: While we do have an architect on staff and we do hire engineers as required by law, we do not perform architectural work and/or engineering work but use these professionals for those times when their skills are required to perform those duties that only a registered/licensed architect or registered/licensed engineer can perform by law.