Choosing the Right Feature Wall for Your Home | WPL Design

Choosing the Right Feature Wall for Your Home

Are you looking to improve the look of a room without going through the trouble and expense of doing a complete redesign? A feature wall is a smart and economical way to do it. It adds a unique touch to your interior design and makes a room feel warm and inviting, all in a small footprint. Best of all, you can extend these benefits to any room of a home. Still, choosing the right spot can be tricky! Which wall
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Bring Nature Indoors | WPL Design

Bring Nature Indoors

Are you looking to add more natural elements inside your home but need help knowing where to start? We’re here to help! Bringing nature indoors can be a simple and affordable way to add life, beauty, and comfort to any room. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Here are some tips to bring nature indoors, including popular interior design styles that share your love for nature.   How to Incorporate Nature in Your Decor Ground Yourself
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Key Elements of Scandinavian Design | WPL Design

Key Elements of Scandinavian Design

If there is one design theme known for blending modern lines and warmth, it’s Scandinavian design. The style began in the early 1900s and has been so successful that it is still popular and used in many modern homes. As designers, we often feature Scandinavian styling and consider it whenever a current project needs some warming up. So what is this style exactly, and what are the key elements? Let’s take a look at the elements of Scandinavian design.  What is
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2024 Color of the Year: Behr and Valspar | WPL Interior Design

2024 Color of the Year: Behr and Valspar

Behr and Valspar have announced their respective 2024 Color of the Year selections. Behr is going bold and classic, while Valspar is going for simple and calm. Learn more about these colors and how to incorporate them into your home. Behr 2024 Color of the Year: Cracked Pepper Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year was a warm white, prompting hope and the thought of endless possibilities – aptly titled Blank Slate. Behr’s 2024 selection also provides a modern take on
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Statement Glass: Add Luxury to Your Living Spaces | WPL Design

Statement Glass: Add Luxury to Your Living Spaces

When it comes to architectural and interior design materials, glass is a clear winner! It lets in natural light and surrounding views that help your home shine. But the benefits don’t stop there. Glass can bring a more luxurious feeling to a living space by how it is used and how the glass and framing look – and we’re not just talking about windows. Here are ways you can incorporate statement glass in living spaces!  How to Bring Statement Glass
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How Mudrooms Add Value to Your Home | WPL Design

How Mudrooms Add Value to Your Home

Traveling indoors and outdoors is a messy business, especially for those of us who have families! From dirt in the summer to water and snow the rest of the year, whatever ends up on our clothes and shoes can be easily tracked through our house – unless we are prepared. A mudroom keeps all that dirt and water at bay while creating a home for all those layers of clothing during colder times. It is an important room for any
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Organization Tricks to Declutter Your Entryway | WPL Design

Organization Tricks to Declutter Your Entryway

As homeowners, we know life gets messy. All of those bags, jackets, and umbrellas necessary for everyday life have to go somewhere. If there isn’t a mudroom, the entryway is often the designated spot for our daily items, whether we want them there or not. It is also the first room that our family and friends see when entering a home, which creates a bit of a dilemma. We want a clean and well-designed entryway, but how do we organize all
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Tips on Combining Interior Design Styles | WPL Design

Tips on Combining Interior Design Styles

As an interior design company, we love creativity, including mixing a client’s favorite styles for a unique look. This may sound like a challenge for some, but for us, it’s an opportunity to flex our creative muscles. Picture Rosie the Riveter, but holding fabric swatches. In fact, there are ways of blending styles together to make everything work. Even if you are a fan of more than one style, have a partner with opposing tastes, or own an assortment of
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Trendy Shiplap Alternatives | WPL Design

Trendy Shiplap Alternatives

Shiplap is a fantastic way to add richness and intrigue to a room. Still, it hasn’t always achieved this level of beauty and refinement. (We’re looking at you, 1970s mobile homes). This fact can work against it and dissuade us from using it altogether. Additionally, traditional shiplap doesn’t fit every style of home. Shiplap is now popular again, but the goals of richness and intrigue can now be accomplished in more enduring styles that add beauty to any style of home. Fortunately,
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Ways to Achieve Coastal Living Style | WPL Design

Ways to Achieve Coastal Living Style

If you want a warm, comfortable, and inviting interior design theme for your home, coastal living style may be the perfect choice. It adds a freshness and coziness, making it an in-demand design theme for decades.  We love implementing coastal design into homes and seeing how the style transforms the home’s living experience. Here are some ways you can implement this style in your home!  What is Coastal Design? Coastal design draws from the classic elements of beach houses and
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Maximalist Interior Design is Coming Back! | WPL Design

Maximalist Interior Design is Coming Back!

If you believe in “the more, the merrier,” one design philosophy embodies this to the max. It is called maximalism, and fortunately, maximalist interior design is coming back in a big way.  As designers, we know that beauty can come in many forms. For instance, beauty can be shown by the way items are presented. Additionally, showcasing history or personal interests adds beauty and also results in a richer home experience. Maximalism excels at all of this, which is why it
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How to Create a Multifunctional Space | WPL Design

How to Create a Multifunctional Space

Over the past few years, many of us have required more from our homes as part of a pandemic-infused, home-restricted lifestyle. In 2023, deciding how to create a multifunctional space in our home spaces has not lost momentum. This trend focuses on the flexibility and adaptability of space, furniture, and design interiors. We want more from our space without sacrificing aesthetics or our preferences. Multifunctional design can strike this balance when done well. If you’re considering adding more versatility to
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How to Bring Neoclassical Style to Your Living Room | WPL Design

Bring Neoclassical Style to Your Living Room

One powerful way to add depth and richness to a home is to celebrate a room’s architectural history. At the same time, you may not want to go all-in with your home’s original design. Perhaps you aren’t a lover of all aspects of traditional design or you or your partner love more modern styling. The good news is you can capture a room’s history without overdoing it. Neoclassical design blends traditional and modern styling while keeping elegance at the forefront
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Is Modern Farmhouse Going Out of Style? | WPL Design

Is Modern Farmhouse Going Out of Style?  

Farmhouse design exudes warmth and charm, but it’s been around a while, which raises some questions. Will modern farmhouse design go out of style? Could investing in farmhouse design be a costly mistake? If the style is on the way out, what is taking its place?  Modern farmhouse is still on trend but also evolving so that it works better with today’s trends. Luckily, today’s changes are improvements to the older style! Here is what we can expect in modern
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Latest Trends in Metallic Finishes | WPL Design

Latest Trends in Metallic Finishes in 2023

Metallic finishes add sophistication and elegance to our homes, and they do it in a big way this year! They come in various styles and palettes that complement everything from natural tones to vibrant colors and dark finishes. There are so many options to choose from! Let’s take a look at all the trends in metallic finishes that shine in 2023.  Graphite Nickel Graphite nickel is a new look that revolutionizes our perception of metallic finishes. It’s dark and refined,
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Redesign Your Kitchen With a Theme in Mind | WPL Design

Redesign Your Kitchen With a Theme in Mind

A kitchen is the most used room in a home, and designing it well maximizes the enjoyment for the whole family. This also makes a kitchen a fantastic area to show our creativity while indulging in the design styles we each love most! Today there are kitchen styles that suit any home design, but we can also choose from themes that add to its beauty, functionality, and character! Here are some popular themes we’re seeing this year.  Sustainable Design The
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