Deep Spring Cleaning | WPL Interior Design

Time for a Spring Deep Cleaning

Spring cleaning is in the air! Even for the most dedicated homeowners, it is easy to miss a few places where dust is left alone to accumulate. Here are a few suggestions for deep cleaning spots that you might have missed. Starting with Entryway and Hallways Baseboards, along with door frames, light switches, and walls, can all accumulate dust. A quick wipe down of smooth surfaces can clean easily clean these areas. Textured walls are notorious for collecting dust. If
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Creating an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love

Having an outdoor living space has always been enjoybale for households big and small. Since the pandemic, they have become an even more desirable home feature. They are considered a safer environment for small groups to gather and allow for more space to social distance. Being outside of your home is also a great way to “escape” from your house without going too far. Here are some popular ways we’re seeing homeowners spruce up their outdoor areas. A Cozy Patio
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5 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room | WPL Interior Design

5 Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

In an ideal world, every room in our homes would have plenty of natural light to brighten up our spaces. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and almost every room has that one “dark space” that is difficult to brighten up. Sure, you can knock down walls and add windows, but there are other ways to add light without going through the hassle. Unconventional Ceilings and Window Treatments Painting the ceiling a lighter color than the rest of
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8 Ways LED Lighting is Improving | WPL Interior Design

8 Ways LED Lighting is Improving

Lighting is an easy way to update your décor and improve your home’s ambiance. Contemporary trends embrace the latest color palettes in interior design, too. Here’s our latest insight into what you can expect in LED lights and the trends that are poised to take the stage. Better Lighting for Less LED lights have gotten far more efficient over the years, and better still, they’re becoming less costly than before. LED lights also don’t give off the heat that traditional
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What's Trending for a Safer Home | WPL Interior Design

What’s Trending for a Safer Home

Technology continues to advance in home security so that you can have peace of mind whether you’re at home or not. Between automation and self-installation, home security trends are available to meet every need you may have. Top Features in Home Security Platforms When you start comparing the different home security platforms, there are several questions to ask. Do you want an integrated camera and doorbell combo? What about a smart lock for your door? Is having a child-friendly home
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Thinking About Home Automation | WPL Interior Design

Thinking About Home Automation

To automate a home means you are incorporating automatic control to your home from various electronic devices. Think about those commercials or video clips that have someone telling Alexa to turn off the lights. Smart home trends are constantly evolving and improving, and there are many ways you can automate a home nowadays. From lights and heating to appliances and security, the possibilities are endless. How Home Automation Works Home automation works over your existing wi-fi internet connection through software
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Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends from CES 2021 | WPL Interior Design

Top 5 Smart Home Technology Trends from CES 2021

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, for 2021 was held virtually this past January. If there is one trade show that you expect to be as impressive through the screen as in-person, it’s CES. This year, smart home technology made some new jumps. We are especially impressed with the increase in touchless and health-related tech that can be integrated into your home. Touchless Smart Home Technology Touch interactions were largely removed in smart home tech trends – surprising? Not
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The Truth About Clean Living and Clean Products | WPL Interior Design

The Truth About Clean Living and Clean Products

When you hear about clean living, you might wonder what that means. The simple definition of almost anything labeled “clean” means that it is a product or technology that is considered environmentally friendly, like eco-friendly cleaners. Something “clean” or “green” is also generally non-toxic, which is why so many people gravitate towards a more natural cleaner or product. What About VOCs? A VOC, or volatile organic compounds, has been shown to impact indoor air quality significantly. They are emitted from
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The Tones and Hues of Green Kitchen Cabinets | WPL Interior Design

The Tones and Hues of Green Kitchen Cabinets

The color green is making rounds in kitchens this year and it’s coming in all shades. Green kitchen cabinets alone have become a big trend in kitchen designs. From cabinets to backsplashes to pendant lighting, green offers a unique and calming flair for any home. What Shades of Green are In? As green has historically been regarded as a calming color, it is no wonder that amid the pandemic, we are trying to work towards creating a calm atmosphere in
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Choosing Natural Fabrics for Environmental Sustainability | WPL Interior Design

Choosing Natural Fabrics for Environmental Sustainability

Natural fabrics have been in demand as more eco-conscious consumers care about sustainability in design. As a result, there are more options available for homeowners to choose from. Do you want something moisture-wicking? Would you prefer something plant-based or animal-based? What about ethically sourcing these natural fabrics? Depending on what you’re looking for, the options are endless! Top Natural Fabrics Available Cotton Cotton can be found as a recycled or raw fiber to create fabrics. It is one of the
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A kitchen table with green and white vases on top as centerpiece.

The Core Principles of Sustainability Design

As society moves towards understanding and recognizing the importance of energy-efficient building and sustainability design, there is a push for a lesser environmental impact. But what exactly is sustainability design? It’s not some abstract design suggestion – there are procedures and real logic behind how sustainable design works. You can divide sustainable design into three core principles: implementing energy efficiency, adopting eco-friendly materials, and creating a healthy environment. Energy-Efficiency Being energy smart goes beyond merely choosing energy-efficient appliances. To be
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Sustainable Design Trends of 2021 | WPL Interior Design

Green Interior Design Trends of 2021

Sustainability design trends that we see today include products that can be used repeatedly in every space. Not only that, but many of these trends also consider the lifespan of home products. Consider the materials of your products, how long these items last, and how they can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. You’ll also find that not only do these trends help improve the quality of our planet, but they often also reduce other home maintenance
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6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Home Decor | WPL Interior Design

6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Decor

You don’t have to plan for a full remodel to update the look of your home. A simple refresh can be easily achievable by moving things around or replacing just a few key items. Here are some ideas on how you can change things up without too much trouble. New Rugs A well-placed rug can be the unifying piece in any room. Rugs can tie in the rest of a room’s decor and they can also anchor your space and
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From Old to New: The Best Ways to Refresh Wood Furniture | WPL Interior Design

From Old to New: The Best Ways to Refresh Wood Furniture

One of the most effective ways to be sustainable in the design world is to reuse what your home already has. Here are a few different ways you can transform your existing furniture into something seemingly brand new. Restore Sometimes, wood furniture may appear older or more worn than it actually is. There are several remedies to liven up old furniture, the first is by simply cleaning it with the right cleaning spray. This is an easy way to bring
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New Year, New Trends | WPL Interior Design

New Year, New Trends

We finally made it to the new year! The start of a new year often means plans to refresh and update the home. What better way to kick off the year by exploring some of these 2021 design trends? Which ones have you seen making their way into homes and which ones appeal to you most? Granny Chic Maybe it’s because we’re spending more time at home that we’re seeing a resurgence of “homey” designs and decor amongst the 2021
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 | WPL Interior Design

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The last couple weeks of the year is always a time of reflection for us. 2020 has been a year full of ups, downs, and unknowns. Through it all, we are so thankful to our clients, vendors, and staff. Thank you to everyone for being flexible during this strange year and for working hard to get things done.  Despite all the difficulties, we were still able to complete new projects and renovations, including a Park City vacation home, a newly
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