What People Are Looking for in Homes Today | WPL Interior Design

What People Are Looking for in Homes Today

As a homebuyer, what do you want in a new home? If you’re like most people, you want a place that is comfortable, functional, and in a good location. In the past, homebuyers typically had to compromise on one or more of these desires, but that is no longer the case. Thanks to changing demographics and advances in technology, buyers now have more options than ever before. People wanted open floor plans and functional but straightforward bathrooms in a pre-pandemic
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Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering Your Space | WPL Interior Design

Five Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering Your Space

Are you looking for a way to declutter your space? If so, it’s essential to ask yourself some questions first. This will help you figure out what you should get rid of and what you should keep. Why Decluttering Is a Good Thing Decluttering your space can be a great way to improve your life in several ways. Here are some of the benefits you can expect: 1. You’ll have more space. This is probably the most obvious benefit of
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Is a Glass Dining Table Right for Your Home?

Going for the Glass Dining Table

A glass dining table is a popular choice for many homes. It can make a small space feel more open and airy, and it can also help to brighten up a room. But is a glass dining table right for you? Here are some things to consider: The Style of Your Home Matters First, think about the style of your home. A glass dining table can be an excellent choice for a modern or contemporary home; it could also be
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What’s The Difference Between Renovation and Restoration? | WPL Interior Design

What’s The Difference Between Home Restoration and Renovation?

Homebuyers don’t always know the difference between renovation and restoration. Let’s pose a scenario. You want to have some work done but are unsure how to ask about what you need to be done, especially since they often seem interchangeable in construction. So what exactly is the difference between home restoration and home renovation? What is Renovation? Imagine needing to replace your windows with new ones done in a different style or with a different material. Perhaps you’re updating older
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Trending Backsplash Designs for 2022 | WPL Interior Design

Trending Backsplash Designs for 2022

Backsplash designs have become a visual focal point for kitchens, bathrooms, and home bars. They are designed to protect your walls and also coordinate with your countertops. Over time, they’ve had tons of changes happen with a wider variety of available materials. You’ll find glass, stone, metal, mirrors, and more options to install as you design your perfect backsplash. Kitchen Backsplash Designs Have you ever considered a backsplash that goes all the way up to the ceiling? Traditionally, the kitchen
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What Tile Works Best for Your Home? | WPL Interior Design

What Tile Works Best for Your Home?

You’ve decided to update the tile in your home, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for, so you start wondering what tile will be best for what you need. Maybe it’s been out of style for longer than you can remember, or perhaps you’re just in need of a change. Whatever the case may be, you’ll come across so many ideas and styles it can be difficult to narrow down what you’re looking for. Ceramic Tiles Ceramic tile is
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How Home Bathroom Design is Evolving | WPL Interior Design

How Home Bathroom Design is Evolving

Thanks to the pandemic, the way we live and what we want from our homes have greatly evolved. People want the comforts they experience elsewhere in their own lives, which extends to their home bathroom design. Before The Pandemic What people want from their bathrooms has changed since the pandemic. The bathroom was a place where you would spend a few minutes preparing for the rest of your day. A plush bathroom wasn’t seen as a necessity. It was a
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Sustainable Carpeting and What To Look For | WPL Interior Design

Sustainable Carpeting and What To Look For

People are looking for eco-friendly carpeting. Some like the health benefits and others are trying to be more environmentally friendly. Good carpeting has gone through tests by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) for indoor air quality. Still, the best options are sustainable because they’re naturally free of otherwise noxious VOCs. Natural Carpeting Wool carpeting has become more popular as a sustainable option for several reasons. It’s not treated with chemicals or synthetic dyes, reducing the amount of toxic fumes
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Is In-Floor Heating Right For Your Home? | WPL Interior Design

Is In-Floor Heating Right For Your Home?

There’s almost nothing worse than stepping onto your ice-cold hardwood or tile floors from your toasty. It’s like a shock to your system. Even in your bathroom, the tiles can feel bitterly cold when the space is warm from that hot shower. Those are the times you start wondering about in-floor heating. But before you take the plunge, it’s a good idea to see if it’s right for your home. While radiant heat systems are energy efficient, there are several
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Cold Feet? Consider In-Floor Heating | WPL Interior Design

Cold Feet? Consider In-Floor Heating

Walking on a heated floor is one of the most amazing things, especially during the wintertime. If you’re renovating, building, or just hate cold floors, in-floor heating is for you. In-floor heating is also known as radiant floor heating and is considered an extremely energy-efficient way to stay warm. Exploring Radiant Floor Heating Would you believe that the Romans were the first people ever to have in-floor heating? It’s true. They had wood-burning fires under marble floors to keep the
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Go Green With Sustainable Countertops | WPL Interior Design

Go Green With Sustainable Countertops

Countertops can be a significant focal point in your bathroom or kitchen. You can take things one step further by choosing a sustainable option over one that may not be entirely eco-friendly. With so many choices available, you’ll be able to find sustainable countertops that still make the statement you want to make. Silestone’s Sunlit Days The line from Silestone, Sunlit Days, contains a minimum of 20% of recycled materials in every countertop. It combines a mix of quartz, minerals,
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On Updating Window Treatments | WPL Interior Design

On Updating Window Treatments

Updating your window treatments doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace everything surrounding your windows. There are many ways to upgrade window treatments that look trendy and provide your space with the perfect accent. Say Goodbye to Valances Depending on when you last bought your window treatment, your valances may be significantly dating your windows. A simple window update is to simply remove the valances and opt for a cleaner style by keeping the window panels. If your room
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The Do's and Don'ts of Painting Furniture | WPL Interior Design

The Do’s and Don’ts of Painting Furniture

Painting is a common and cost-effective method that homeowners can DIY to renew their furniture. Painting furniture requires some patience and taking the proper steps to make sure it looks great when it’s done. If you skip steps or take shortcuts, you might end up with a sloppy-looking piece or you may have to start over. Getting to know the do’s and don’ts of painting furniture can help you make sure you’ll be happy with the results. Do Remember Ventilation
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What's New from the Latest Kitchen Appliances | WPL Interior Design

What’s New from the Latest Kitchen Appliances

As technology advances, the latest kitchen appliances only get better and better. You can find touchscreens on almost any appliance these days. And now, even some countertop appliances have the ability to use Alexa to tell you when your food is ready. Refrigerators have also come a long way from being simple “iceboxes.” Sub Zero and Wolf are great examples of that. They provide next-level, professional-grade appliances in your home with the newest features.  Sub Zero Refrigerators Sub Zero refrigerators
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Houzz Pro Spotlight: 3 Ways to Add Personal Elements to Home Interiors | WPL Interior Design

Houzz Pro Spotlight: 3 Ways to Add Personal Elements to Home Interiors

Great interior design is more than just a certain look. “I like working on all styles of homes as it keeps me from being bored,” says interior designer Marcello Luzi, the managing principal of high-end design firm WPL Interior Design. He says that whatever your style, the most important thing is that you have a quality design that fits your space and life.WPL Interior DesignA turning point. Although Luzi drew floor plans for mansions when he was a young boy, he
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Our Favorite Smart Home Tech from CES 2022 | WPL Interior Design

Our Favorite Smart Home Tech from CES 2022

Every year, top tech brands show off their latest and greatest innovations at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This year, we were amazed to see a lot of technological advances for the smart home. Here are some of our favorites from CES 2022. Automatic Smart Home Solutions Homeowners have always been working to better optimize their homes to be smarter and more functional. But after being locked down and quarantined in our homes for the better part of the
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