Mosaic or Terrazzo: Which Is Better? | WPL Design
Mosaic or Terrazzo: Which is Better?
When shopping for materials for your floors, walls, or counters, two durable options excel at mixing colors and textures for added beauty and engagement: mosaic and terrazzo. But which material is better? The good news is that both materials are beautiful and durable. At the same time, each material has its own charm, design characteristics, pricing, and maintenance considerations worth knowing. Here is a closer look at each aspect so you can choose the best material for you! What is
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Cottagecore Outdoor Decor | WPL Design
Cottagecore Outdoor Decor
When you see the word cottagecore, you may think it is a typo. It’s supposed to be “cottage decor,” right? In a way, yes, but there is more to it, and we mean that literally. Cottagecore is both a design style and a lifestyle that departs from minimalist design in ways that make home life warmer and more fun. And you can do it outdoors as well as indoors. Let’s cozy up and discover the world of cottagecore outdoor decor!  What
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2023 Design Trends from High Point Market | WPL Design
2023 Design Trends from High Point Market
High Point Market is an excellent choice for learning design trends. High Point, North Carolina, is known as the Furniture Capital of the World, and its biannual market is one of the largest trade shows for furniture and interior design. Each event brings 75,000 tradespeople together to learn the latest trends and talk shop.  High Point Market takes place in April and October. The recent April event gives us a look at what’s new in interior design this year –
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Creating a Welcoming Outdoor Space | WPL Design
Creating a Welcoming Outdoor Space
One powerful way to improve your enjoyment at home while maximizing your square footage is to make more use of your outdoor space. But how do you do it effectively? Here are some solutions worth considering. The more of them you implement, the more welcoming your outdoor space will be.  Create a Comfortable Lounge Space The quality and comfort of today’s outdoor furniture rival indoor designs. You can now buy stylish sofas and chairs with ultra-soft cushions that carry the same
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Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2023 | WPL Design
Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2023
Since the warmers months are quickly approaching, now is a great time to look at the new outdoor living trends for summer! This year, we’re seeing a tighter focus on natural living, and there’s a good reason for it. The National Association of Home Builders announced in 2022 that 58 percent of surveyed homeowners were planning to connect nature/outdoors in future design choices. Additionally, 45% planned to put more focus on entertaining outdoors. For those who feel the same, here
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Essential Elements for a Gothic Home Library | WPL Design
Gothic Home Library: Essential Elements
When we think of home libraries, we often think of rich wood, comfortable seating, and shelves packed with books. Thankfully, gothic design embodies all of these traits. The style is ideal for making us feel right at home. How do we accomplish the look? Here is an easy go-to list of Gothic design characteristics that we can implement into our home libraries. And if you want to extend the benefits further, the same strategies also work for other areas of the
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From Medieval to Modern: Gothic Architecture Today | WPL Design
From Medieval to Modern: Gothic Architecture Today
One style today that is synonymous with old-world design is Gothic architecture. We can spot it in churches, castles, government buildings, and in residential architecture and interior design.  But there is more to Gothic than just tradition. Some of the core principles of the Gothic style still influence every type of architecture – even modern. Here are some examples of how Gothic styling is still used today.  What is Gothic Architecture?  Gothic style started in France in the 1150s and
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Alternative Neutral Shades You Can Use Instead of White | WPL Design
Alternative Neutral Shades You Can Use Instead of White
When we think of neutral colors, we often think of white, and for a good reason. It has a clean look that goes beautifully with everything. Still, white isn’t the only option. We can get the same benefits with softer, calmer tones and even use these same colors alongside white for added richness. Here are some alternative neutral shades that capture the benefits of white. What is a Neutral Color?  Neutral colors are muted tones that work beautifully alongside most colors.
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Ways to Soundproof Your Home | WPL Design
Ways to Soundproof Your Home
You may not realize it, but the choices you make for your home’s decor can affect what your home sounds like. For example, you may have a room that echoes loudly when you speak, and you may view that space as undesirable for a home office. You may even have another room of the same size that doesn’t sound as loud, and you’re not sure why. The reason why the sound in those two rooms differs greatly is likely because
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How and Where to Store Seasonal Decor | WPL Design
How and Where to Store Seasonal Decor
One fun way to brighten up your home is with seasonal decorations. Whether you plan to celebrate each of the four seasons or ring in our favorite holidays, this is your chance to be festive while showing off your creativity! Because seasons change regularly, those same decorations need to be stored somewhere. Properly putting away seasonal decor is essential. Otherwise, finding and accessing the items can make decorating feel more of a hassle than fun. Thankfully there are ways to store
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Tips on Organizing Your Open Shelves | WPL Design
Tips on Organizing Your Open Shelves
We believe a bookcase isn’t just a bookcase. Yes, it provides convenient storage for books, documents, and other items we want close at hand, but it’s also a design opportunity. A shelf can add beauty and history to a room, telling stories and showcasing treasured items while complementing the interior design. Styling a bookcase the right way helps make the most of these benefits! Here are some of our top tips and tricks for organizing your open shelves to create
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Kitchen Trends for 2023 | WPL Design
Kitchen Trends for 2023
Are you ready for a kitchen upgrade in 2023? Then you are in for a treat. Kitchens are becoming more of a statement in the home while still exuding luxury and offering improved functionality. This area of the home is becoming an engaging and relaxing place to enjoy more time, and we’re loving every minute of it. Here are some top kitchen trends to look for in 2023.  A Blend of Warm and Bold Cabinet Colors We can’t talk about kitchen
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Get the Most Out Of Your Kitchen Island | WPL Interior Design
Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Island
Whether you enjoy cooking simple or elaborate meals, having enough space in your kitchen matters. Kitchen islands help meet functional needs without having to compromise the style of your kitchen. This piece of furniture can add countertop space, offer additional storage space, provide seating, and make cooking easier and less messy. Are you maximizing your kitchen island to help you function more efficiently in your space? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your kitchen island. Storage
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CES 2023: Smart Technology Roundup | WPL Interior Design
CES 2023: Smart Technology Roundup
Eye-catching designs are one of life’s great pleasures, but life is even better when the same designs make our home lives easier. Thankfully, smart technology provides both benefits in one, offering beauty and brains!  Specifically, smart technology has been a major focus at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for many years thanks to its ability to simplify everyday tasks at home. This year was no exception. Tech companies lined up to showcase appealing designs that solve needs around the home.  In
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Kitchen Tech Trends of 2023: Part 2 | WPL Interior Design
Kitchen Tech Trends of 2023: Part 2
Each year, kitchen tech trends continue to evolve with the changing times. We are seeing improvements in nearly every aspect of food creation. Appliances and kitchen tools are transforming to offer sleeker, smarter, and more versatile experiences. Enhance Your Food Prep A kitchen tech trend that continues to have a greater presence in the kitchen is tablet-like screens. Not only have these screens gotten bigger, but they’re also popping up on devices we wouldn’t think would have them. On the
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Kitchen Tech Trends of 2023: Part 1 | WPL Interior Design
Kitchen Tech Trends of 2023: Part 1
With new kitchen tech trends emerging every year, life in the kitchen continues to get easier, cleaner, and a lot more fun. Similar to recent years, 2023 is adding more smart systems in kitchen appliances such as ovens, fridges, air fryers, and multicookers. Appliances are adapting to the evolving needs in home kitchens, from refrigerators to food preservation systems and more. Let’s take a look at some of the new kitchen trends for 2023. More Cooking in One Package Appliances
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