Luxury living room with well-arranged furniture

Common Furniture Arranging Mistakes

Decorating a home isn’t just about making it look good. Every space is unique, as is every household, and it’s important to take those things into consideration when arranging furniture. It’s not always easy to know where to place your furniture; some rooms may be oddly shaped or the wall color makes a room look bigger than it actually is. While there is no set way to decorate a room, here are some common furniture arranging mistakes people make. Not
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Dining area with built-in seating in front of large windows

Is Custom-Made Furniture Worth It?

When your home is your sanctuary, you have to create an environment that you absolutely love. To do this, sometimes it only makes sense to get a custom-made piece of furniture. In addition to having a custom design that is made just for you, custom-made furniture also tends to last longer and is more durable than store-bought furniture.  The Benefits of Custom Made Furniture There are a lot of different types of custom furniture. In fact, we recently commissioned a
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Choosing Safe Furniture for Your Home | WPL Interior Design

Choosing Safe Furniture for Your Home

A huge part of interior design is bringing together function and style. This goes beyond just picking out beautiful furniture pieces for your daily life; it also involves thinking about all the little details you may not normally think about. When it comes to furniture, safety is one of those critical factors that is always at the forefront of our designers’ minds. Unfortunately, many of the furniture compliance requirements within the United States are not mandatory, they are voluntary. This
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Pandemic-Born Interior Design Trends

Last week, you may have seen our very own Marcello Luzi going live on Philly Home Design’s Instagram. He talked about current interior design trends; what are the different ways we are rethinking our living spaces as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? We don’t know when this pandemic will end, but what we do know is that it will have lasting effects on the way we live. We are already hearing feedback from our clients of problems they are
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Renew Your Home with Classic Blue

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, which is especially fitting for the interior design world. In terms of color trends, shades of blue are often at the forefront. This has been evident in several Zillow paint color analyses for the past several years. In 2017, homes with blue kitchens and bedrooms were sold for almost $2,000 over similar homes on the market. Even more astonishing, blue bathrooms were reported to sell for $5,440 more than expected!
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Top Sherwin-Williams Exterior Paint Colors

WPL Interior Design loves Sherwin-Williams for exterior paint colors. Quality-wise, they are one of the best paint companies in the industry and especially for exterior use. They offer a variety of paint colors that don’t fade, stay true, and adhere in adverse conditions, like -20’ below or 110’ Fahrenheit. Our Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors  High Reflective White: A crisp, clean white that is excellent for exterior trim on a modern house. It matches well with both warm and cool colors.
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Our Top Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors | WPL Interior Design

Our Top Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Colors

Color trends have exploded in the past few years and vibrant pops of color continue to make their way into homes. Even though you can still find a variety of white paints for a timeless look, white is considered a “safe” color. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking to add more personality into your home, color is the best way to do so without taking up any physical space. In fact, you can even create the illusion
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Our Favorite White, Black, and Neutral Paint Colors | WPL Interior Design

Our Favorite White, Black, and Neutral Paint Colors

Have you ever looked at the color selection at the paint store and wondered, “How can there be so many different types of white or black?” There are actually many subtleties that can be found in the different shades of black and white. You can find white paints with warmer or cooler undertones and blacks that come in hues both bold and soft. Even when it comes to neutral paint colors, there is a large selection to match any type
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Paint Ideas for Small Spaces | WPL Interior Design

Painting Ideas for Small Spaces

You already know that paint can make a big difference when it comes to rejuvenating an out-dated space, but what if you want to make a small space look bigger? While painting small spaces won’t literally give you more space, it can help create a roomier illusion. At the same time, certain paint colors can make a small room look even smaller, so it’s important to choose the right colors. Types of Small Spaces Even if you have a large
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When to Hire a Painter vs DIY | WPL Interior Design

When to Hire a Painter vs DIY

Spring and summertime are the popular seasons for painting homes, especially as the weather gets nicer and everyone is spring cleaning. It is a very simple way to refresh or update a single room or your entire home. Sometimes, painting is used as a tool to remodel a home and not just for aesthetics. It is an effective way to get rid of bad home odors and to keep walls from absorbing excess moisture that may be in the air.
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The Ultimate Guide to Paint Finishes

Last week, we went over how to narrow down your paint choices. Once you know the color you want, it’s time to choose the one with the right sheen. There’s not that many types of different paint finishes but it can still be confusing when choosing the right one! What’s the difference between satin and flat? Does it really matter? Do paints with an eggshell-finish have eggshell in them? Read on to learn more. Why Paint Finishes Matter If you’re
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Preparing for a Home Renovation | WPL Interior Design

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

Knowing how to choose the right paint color for your home can be a daunting task. When you get paint samples from the home improvement or paint store, they do not look the same on the swatch as they do on your wall. It’s always best to take the time to test out different shades and hues of the colors you like before making a final decision. Why Are You Painting? There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right
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Chair-ishing Space with Built-In Seating

There are hundreds of ways to maximize space in your home. Whether you need room for more clothes, want to store extra groceries, or would like to add to your collection of books, we can help you find the space! Another way to use “unusable” areas in your home is by turning them into built-in seating areas or retreat spaces. This is great if you need some extra room for entertaining guests or want to add more seating in an
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Setting Up Your Personal Home Library | WPL Interior Design

Setting Up Your Personal Home Library

Has anyone else started losing track of how many weeks we’ve been under quarantine? Many of us are feeling a little bit of cabin fever. Luckily, a great way to find adventure at home is by curling up with a good book. Bookshelves are an easily neglected part of the home, especially when we’re too busy going in and out. But now that we’re spending more time at home, it’s a great opportunity to both re-organize and re-discover your favorite
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A Toast to the Perfect Home Bar | WPL Interior Design

A Toast to the Perfect Home Bar

Now that some PA liquor stores are re-opening up for curbside pickup, we thought it’d be fun to talk about home bar design ideas. Just like how a wine room doesn’t always take up a whole room, you don’t need that much space when creating a home bar. WPL Interior Design has helped with many home bar designs that are perfect for our clients to entertain as well as relax. Here are a few different ways to incorporate a home
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Doubling Your Storage Space | WPL Interior Design

Doubling Your Storage Space

Lately, we’ve been hearing many people expressing concern about not having enough storage space. Storage space is often a common concern for everyone; even when you think you have enough space, you could always use more! So this week we are talking about some ways you can increase the space for storage in your home. Custom-Designed Closets We are constantly amazed at how a well-designed closet system can double your storage space. Traditional closets with a rod and shelf waste
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