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A Home Office Setup for Productivity

In this unprecedented time of prolonged quarantine, many physical workplaces have temporarily closed their doors but not their business. As such, many people now find themselves working from home. And while working from home can be a treat, it can also present itself with a few challenges. That’s why having the right home office design is so important; the right setup can help you focus better and be more productive.

Creating a Separate Space

Working in the comfort of your home is great until your home becomes “too” comfortable. In fact, it can be difficult to get into your normal work routine when you’re at home instead of your office. Our first tip to creating the perfect home office setup is to set aside an actual office space. Even if you don’t have a whole room to spare,  you can still create a dedicated workspace where only work happens. 

The Best Home Office Setup for Productivity | WPL Interior Design

Find a space where you can fit a work table or desk and a comfortable chair. If you’re sharing a space with others in your household, avoid areas in your home where others are more active, like the kitchen. Also, consider whether you’ll need access to electrical outlets nearby. Once you’ve found the perfect space, you can even create a physical boundary by setting down an area rug to define your new “office”. 

Getting the Right Light

Lighting is one of the most important parts of the workplace environment. If possible, take advantage of any natural light in your home. Many studies have shown that natural light helps boost productivity and may reduce the chance of headaches. If your home office setup doesn’t have any natural light, then find full-spectrum or white lightbulbs so your ambient lighting can mimic natural light. The appropriate ambient light will help reduce eyestrain from reading or the glare from staring at a computer screen.

The Best Home Office Setup for Productivity | WPL Interior Design

Additionally, add a desk lamp or another type of task light for more focus-intensive activities in your workstation. Task lights will help get rid of glares on your computer screen, illuminate the space in front of you for better reading and writing, and reduce overall eye strain. It should never be used as your primary light source, however, and you should not use task lighting in a darkened room.

Minimize the Clutter

A huge part of interior design is maximizing your space in terms of look and function. When it comes to office space, less is always more. Assess your daily routines and get rid of anything on your desk or work area that isn’t necessary. Research has shown that seeing clutter around us can overwhelm and cause extra stress. Keeping your workstation simple and clutter-free will only help streamline your productivity. 

Personalize Your Space

No one likes a sterile-looking workplace and adding personal touches can help boost your mood and reduce your stress during the workday. Some easy ways to personalize your space without adding clutter include hanging art on the wall, adding some extra greenery, or having a scented candle nearby. You can also include productivity tools like a vision board or whiteboard.

The Best Home Office Setup for Productivity | WPL Interior Design

Simply creating a comfortable and ergonomic environment is the first step to your perfect home office setup. Depending on your tasks, there may be other things you have to take into consideration. Do you need to make phone calls? Will you be video conferencing? Do you work better standing up or sitting down? What other equipment might you need?

From sourcing the right furnishings to adding another room to your home, we can help you create a more efficient and functional space that looks fresh and appealing. If you have specific needs for your home office, give WPL Interior Design a call at 215-592-9570.

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