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Architectural Millwork in Interiors – It Makes a World of Difference

Frequently an interior can be devoid of any architectural interest other than a door and perhaps some windows. Sometimes a fireplace or several doors. As designers we always think of ways to enhance the interior architecture of a space. Almost always in traditional architecture one way to do that is millwork. “Millwork, woodwork, finish carpentry, custom woodwork, wood moldings, and architectural millwork” are all terms which describe these architectural details in interiors.

These details primarily made from wood because it is very easy to work with and to carve, were very versatile and could be stained or painted. Historically woodwork details were used throughout the residential and commercial interior to detail and embellish the interior architecture. There are many ways to add wood to an interior to enhance it and make it more special. Not exclusive to traditional interiors, contemporary interiors can benefit from modern millwork details as well.

There are many ways millwork can be used to enhance an interior. Below we offer a list of ideas. Imagine a Spartan interior, four walls of white drywall. Now in your mind add some of these details. They can make a world of difference. Suddenly the room develops character and a personality. Even unfurnished it is a beautiful space. These wood details (painted or stained) add a layer of richness to the interior. If you’ve decorated your space with paint, wallpaper, furnishings and art and it still feels a bit unfinished or lacking, maybe your room can benefit from some millwork.


  • Balustrades
  • Baseboards
  • Beams
  • Built-in cabinetry
  • Ceiling trim
  • Chair rails
  • Coffered ceilings
  • Columns
  • Crown molding
  • Custom Milled Bathroom Cabinetry
  • Custom Milled Kitchens Cabinetry
  • Door casing
  • Doors
  • Fireplace mantels
  • Paneled Walls
  • Railings
  • Sashes & sills
  • Stairways
  • Thresholds
  • Wainscot
  • Window casing

Stock vs. Custom

These days there are many ready made moldings, doors, columns, etc. so one does not need to spend as much on custom moldings. Beginning with a molding catalog one can select the appropriate style and size of ready-made in stock moldings and millwork. Should the need arise though you can also have them custom made. Obviously custom usually costs more.

Keep in mind laying out your millwork is not for the amateur or for the DIY’er. One needs to carefully consider the appropriate style and appropriate scale needed for the space and put the many parts of the puzzle together. Purposeful attention to design and detail will ensure the best outcome. Of course that is where we come in, as designers we excel in the execution of the decorative arts and can make your vision a complete and appropriate reality.
Custom-Woodwork-Design-Interior-Philadelphia_0212 Custom-Woodwork-Design-Interior-Philadelphia_0213 Custom-Woodwork-Design-Interior-Philadelphia_0214 Custom-Woodwork-Design-Interior-Philadelphia_0215 Custom-Woodwork-Design-Interior-Philadelphia_0216

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