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Color Inspiration is All Around You

Have you spent hours scrolling the internet or flipping through magazines hoping to find the right paint color for your latest project? While even the top designers rely on the endless ocean of the internet for a spark, we often forget that the best and most sensible design schemes may be hiding in plain sight. Color Inspiration is All Around You!

We live in a world filled with color. From the natural world outside our windows to your precious teacup collective sitting inside the china cabinet. When you find yourself paralyzed at the infinite paint options, consider other items you like. Don’t forget why you bought your favorite beige sweater or that vintage watch with an olive-green face.

Color is entirely subjective; it defines how we dress and impacts not just our emotions but also our memories. While the obvious whites and grays work well across the board, they can often be used as a crutch for homeowners in a design rut.

Our favorite White, Black, and Neutral Paint Colors

Here are a few places to begin your color inspiration journey in and outside your home: 

The Closet

First, the Closet! Fashion is such an incredible resource for home style. The colors we choose to wear speak volumes about our true personas. Every day, we make choices driven by our mood, psyche, the weather, and more. The same goes for choosing your paint colors; the goal is always to illustrate a feeling and assert a certain atmosphere. Our dark-toned, sophisticated attire translates perfectly for that elegant home parlor or library – rooms that scream sophistication. Look at dark greens, blues, and even blacks for a space that deserves a striking and dignified look. For rooms that deserve a pop of vibrancy, look towards the side of your closet you lean on for those summer soirées. The clothes you wear and the colors you dress your house in should precisely reflect you, your personality, and the ambiance.

The Backyard

It is no coincidence that 2022’s most popular colors are all shades of green. Designers everywhere are taking colors from the outdoors and bringing them in. Nature is possibly the best place to find color inspiration – rain or shine, nature is picture perfect. 

The Cupboard

Finally, familiar items hidden within your kitchen cabinets can be an inspiring place to start your search for creative color ideas. Search for colors that speak to you (that Le Creuset dutch oven to the hand-painted teapot you haven’t touched in years). If vibrancy isn’t what you’re looking for, the perfect neutrals may be found on your favorite hand-spun mug. Terracottas, porcelain, and other earthenware ceramics carry incredible tones and are a perfect jumping-off point for organic color ideas. 

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