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Creating Your Own Custom Walk-In Closet

When most homeowners think of their closet, they think of a space for clothing storage. But the walk-in closet is so much more than that. Look at your walk-in closet as a whole other room, not just storage space. That means your closet is another opportunity to show off your style and personalize it just the way you want. 

Assess Your Belongings 

The first step to truly customizing your closet space is by taking inventory of what you already have; not everyone’s clothing collection is the same! Organize your clothes by type and size. You’ll need to know the dimension of your clothes in order to plan out how you’ll use the space you have available. You can also make a list of the types of clothes you anticipate filling your closet with. Knowing the types of clothes and accessories that will fill your closet will determine how deep and wide each section should be, as well as what type of storage solutions (shelves, hangers, cubbies, etc) will work best in each section. 

Creating Your Own Custom Walk-In Closet | WPL Interior Design

Brightening up a Dark Space 

Many walk-in closets are windowless or very limited natural lighting. Invest in good lighting solutions for your closet that are as close to natural lighting as possible. Frosted bulbs are a popular style for closet lighting because they prevent hard shadows without affecting the color and look of your clothes. Another way to brighten up a dark closet is by choosing a light paint color. This will help enhance the room’s lighting while creating a more luminous atmosphere. 

Include a Seating Area 

Your walk-in closet also works as a dressing room, and having a small seating area, such as an ottoman or bench, is a must-have for trying on shoes or setting aside items you want to wear. Not only is having a seat around useful but it turns your closet from a storage space into a comfortable room. If you have a window in your closet, put your seating area nearby to take advantage of the natural light. You could also consider adding a vanity for putting on jewelry and makeup. Free-standing benches can be moved around or you could add a built-in bench with additional drawer space. 

Creating Your Own Custom Walk-In Closet | WPL Interior Design
Creating Your Own Custom Walk-In Closet | WPL Interior Design

Add an Island 

Closet islands are quite a popular feature of custom walk-in closets for a genuinely boutique look. They add extra storage space and table space while bringing the rest of the room together. This also presents an opportunity for a beautiful handmade piece to bring luxury and elegance into the room. 

Creating Your Own Custom Walk-In Closet | WPL Interior Design

Create a Display 

Another classic way to turn your walk-in closet into your own personal boutique is by creating a display of your favorite items. Maybe you have a wide selection of ties, scarves, or jewelry. Don’t just hide them in a drawer – instead, turn them into a display for visual interest! It will also benefit you by letting you see what options you have all at once. If it’s important to keep certain items in a drawer for safekeeping, but you still want to be able to see what you have, look into glass top drawers. 

Creating Your Own Custom Walk-In Closet | WPL Interior Design

Utilize All Corners 

Don’t let the corner areas of your walk-in closet become dead space. Instead, consider corner shelves which can give you a little extra room for storing small items. You could also use that extra space to hang more clothes or display your shoes. There are countless ways to take advantage of your corner spaces – just be sure that you do! 

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