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We had been working with Merritt Gallery in Haverford Square for quite some time when we signed on to do the 2012 Philadelphia magazine Design Home. We suggested them as an art sponsor and they agreed and have done every Design Home since.

Fast forward to Design Home 2016 and we knew right away that Merritt Gallery’s art was perfect for the modern townhouse we were designing with the architect and builder. Merritt Gallery represents so many contemporary artists who are working at their craft now, therefore the art is very au courant. We even used the gallery’s art in the mood boards. It was a perfect fit.

Art is subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but one thing most people will agree on is that nothing completes a space like art. Suddenly rooms with bare walls come to life and have a personality and look completed. We recommend that one always saves room in the budget for art, it is a very important element in interior design, one that is frequently overlooked, but knowing that no space can be complete until art is incorporated, we say plan ahead and have an art budget.

We hope you will enjoy this year’s art selection at Design Home 2016. Tours start on October 15th and ticket proceeds benefit MANNA.

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