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Design Home 2016 – Material Selections

As the Interior Design firm partner on the Design Home team we had to work closely with the developer and architect to oversee the design, building and selection of all materials and finishes at Design Home. We had a great responsibility to make a cohesive palette out of many parts and products from many sponsors. Being a six story town house with many different spaces we had to have a common vision to be sure the material selection and colors throughout flowed and made sense together, yet added interest to each individual space so that while each room feels like it is part of the entire home it has its own personality and details.

Design-Home-Materials-Interior-Design-Philadelphia-WPL-Interior-Design_0217 Selections were made for every surface you will see in the home. Beginning with exterior materials of stone, brick, wood and metal and continuing on the interior with some of the same materials of stone, wood, metal, wood flooring, slate flooring, stone walls, tiled walls, bathroom tiles, countertops in quartzite, marble and concrete, porcelain tile, glass tile, metal tile, wood cabinetry, painted cabinetry, custom cabinetry, decking, hardware, doors, windows, moldings and casings, paint colors, the list seems endless. Every surface and every detail was considered and planned and carefully selected to be a part of the whole yet serve its own unique function in the space.

As the Interior Designers we played with a balance of light and dark values and warm and cool tones. While we wanted to honor the architects modern design, which we loved so much, we also didn’t want the house to feel cold and unwelcoming. So a balance of warm and cool, dark and light runs through the house and plays nicely with spaces as the spaces change function and level. Some rooms are dark on purpose, others light on purpose. Some cooler gray spaces set the tone for drama while some lighter soft spaces set the tone for rest and relaxation. Some spaces add bold color while some spaces are restrained in color to allow art to be showcased.

What we ended up with was a vast selection of materials from dozens of sponsors that seamlessly work well together in the interior spaces and flow nicely to the outdoors. We hope you enjoy seeing all the many details and materials throughout Design Home 2016.

Design Home opens October 15, 2016 and runs through November 6, 2016. Tickets are available at




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