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Don’t Miss These 2021 Wallpaper Trends

The on-trend wallpaper is not the wallpaper your grandparents used…or is it? Today’s trends are panoramic, floral, and full of texture and geometric design. Wallpapers are not always actual paper anymore, thanks to printing technology and technological advancements.

Don't Miss These 2021 Wallpaper Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Landscape Panoramic Wallpaper

Panoramic designs one of the major 2021 wallpaper trends because people are spending more time at home due to the pandemic. As a result, you may see scenic landscapes designed to mimic the outdoors. With their large-scale design, you can create a new feel in any room, from mountains to dream Zen-like spa-scapes. You can find something for everyone.

Landscapes are part of maximalism, a movement that is slowly expanding. Minimalists – eat your heart out because maximalism is taking center stage. With a mix of panoramic wallpaper murals, bold prints, and metallic accents, we think this trend is going to flourish.

Textured Wallpaper and Tapestries

More surfaces are adopting a textured feel. Thanks to textured wallpaper, you can find everything from soft, seductive textures to beaded or cork designs begging to be touched. Tapestries and rugs are even finding their way onto walls to create a delicate textured design.

Don't Miss These 2021 Wallpaper Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Talking about tapestries as popular wall décor feels so Victorian, but it’s true – they are coming back full force as wallpaper designs. As tapestries tend to be muted in their colors, and when printed on a chalky, textured wallpaper, it’s like a trip to the past, but you don’t want to go back home.

Botanicals and Tropical Wallpaper

As more people strive to bring the outdoors inside, florals and other botanicals are on point to be major wallpaper trends. These florals are modern with a variety of colors and patterns. Yellows and greens are making themselves seen in significant ways courtesy of the wallpaper popping up everywhere.

Tropical wallpapers are also tremendous this year, thanks to the lack of travel and adventure away from home. Instead, people want to bring animal prints and tropical vibes into their homes, and tropical wallpapers deliver that feel with winning designs. Note that tropical and botanical designs are not reminiscent of giant hibiscus blooms or flamingoes. Instead, it is more authentic colors and reflects the outdoors as nature intended – classic and exotic designs that bring the Caribbean or the Amazon jungle into your home.

Abstract and Geometric Wallpaper

Art deco design has gone full circle, and the abstract and geometric designs you will find from these movements are back. The bold and bright tones turn walls into art. Looking at designs from Anthology, you find geometric patterns printed on cork, bringing beauty and sustainability into your home in one fell swoop. Of course, you can also find geometric wall tiles to give your home character if you’d instead go that route.

Floral Wallpaper

Would you believe that the florals your grandparents loved are actually making a comeback? It’s true! In fact, many are referring to these floral designs as grand millennial. It is all about those florals your grandmother adored. Chintzy florals pay homage to vintage glamour and work beautifully with modern designs. Treat your interior to a fresh spring feel that speaks to decadence and unconventional enchantment to embrace the chic fashion adorning walls everywhere.

Don’t Miss the Biggest Trends

What are your favorite wallpaper trends this year? Between florals, geometrics, landscapes, and textures, there is something for every home. Do you want the outdoors inside or maybe a touch of faded glamour? Our WPL Interior Design stylists are ready to help you shop around. Don’t be afraid to be creative to enhance your space to reflect you and your style.

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