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Lately, we’ve been hearing many people expressing concern about not having enough storage space. Storage space is often a common concern for everyone; even when you think you have enough space, you could always use more! So this week we are talking about some ways you can increase the space for storage in your home.

Custom-Designed Closets

We are constantly amazed at how a well-designed closet system can double your storage space. Traditional closets with a rod and shelf waste a lot of space. Depending on your storage needs, there are so many different ways you can maximize the use of your closet space. Add corner shelves to get a little more room for storing small items or add cubbies in dead spaces above and below for your hats, shoes, and jewelry. You can also create sectioned hanging areas for your clothes and purses.

Doubling Your Storage Space | WPL Interior Design
Photo from Shutterstock
Doubling Your Storage Space | WPL Interior Design
Photo from Shutterstock

These custom designs are not just limited to your bedroom or clothing closets, but your pantry, as well. This can make a huge difference when storing bulk items like non-perishables, dry goods, paper products, and other pantry items.

Specialty Rooms and Spaces

If you have extra space in your home, you can also consider utilizing those areas for specialty purposes. For example, we have helped design wine rooms for many of our clients. Wine rooms do not have to take up a whole room; you could turn a cabinet or extra closet into a wine room, or even install What makes these spaces special is we can control the temperature and regulate the humidity the way you want.

Doubling Your Storage Space | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

In addition to wine rooms, you can transform other small and unused spaces for different purposes. In the bathroom, you can transform a narrow space into a sliding cabinet for jewelry, You could also add temperature-controlled drawers to warm towels or refrigerate skincare products.

Utilizing Wasted Space

Just as many traditional closets waste space, there are often areas of your home that are going unused. You can easily double the storage space of your whole home by taking advantage of vertical space or areas above your head. Think floating shelves, overhead cabinets or cubbies, over-the-door-hangers, etc.

No-Storage Solutions

What’s even better than doubling your storage space? Getting rid of it all together! Here are a few solutions to reduce the need for extra storage in your home.

Water filters

There’s no need to find space for water bottles when you have a built-in water filter in your sink or refrigerator. 

All-in-one toilets

All-in-one toilets, or washlets, are toilets that come with many features for the most pleasant bathroom-going experience. And while some people may view this as an unnecessary luxury, one of the great features of all-in-one toilets is a bidet component. This includes a spray nozzle for your rear and can ultimately save you a lot of space from needing to store toilet paper. Some brands will also include heated seats, heated air for drying yourself after a spray, and air fresheners. If you already have a working toilet in your home, there are bidet attachments, too, that you can install onto your existing toilet.

Doubling Your Storage Space | WPL Interior Design
Photo from Shutterstock

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