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Drapery Panels – the Simple, Elegant and Versatile Window Treatment

Window treatments come in all styles, shapes, colors, sizes, types and qualities. They are one of the most diverse groups of interior materials and cover a very broad spectrum of finishes. They can be very plain or very elaborate, inexpensive or very costly. They can make a statement or blend into the background.

But one of the hottest fabric treatments is the very simple, very elegant drapery panel. There are other very popular treatments like Hunter Douglas shades, Silhouettes, shutters, etc., but in the sewn fabric world, drapery panels King. This popularity is due to their simple elegance and clean lines. They add softness, a quality look and a finished feeling to interiors, yet they lack all the fussiness of the treatments that are becoming less popular in all but the most traditional homes. Swags & jabots, valances, cornices, Austrians, balloons are all waning in popularity due to the increasing popularity of cleaner more contemporary design.

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The greatest thing about drapery panels is their versatility. They can work with almost any style of decorating and can be completely different just by changing a few of the details. This is what makes them so versatile.

Fabric is one way to make this treatment so versatile. It is like a Chameleon. Plain, striped, plaid, paisley, floral, texture, silk, cotton, linen, and on and on. This simple design can be reinterpreted in thousands of ways just by changing the face fabric.

Hardware which the drapery panels hang from can be seen, unseen, a simple track, a wood pole, a metal pole, have rings, have grommets, and finials too.

Traversing panels will open and close and give you privacy, light control, security, warmth in winter, coolness in summer, but stationary panels which are purely decorative, can work too. We usually pair stationary panels with an under-treatment like pleated shades, Roman shades, Silhouette shades, and there are many more options for under-treatments.

Details like two fabrics on a drapery panel, a large contrasting colored hem at the bottom, a tape or trimming on the leading edge or bottom, a colorful lining, are all ways to add interest and drama to drapery panels.

The drapery panel is truly one of the most versatile sewn window treatments you will ever meet. One can be very creative but with not a lot of difficulty. As always ask a professional when in doubt. Drapery can be a large purchase and making a mistake can be very costly, so choose you selection wisely.

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