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Go Green with Sustainable Countertops

Countertops can be a significant focal point in your bathroom or kitchen. You can take things one step further by choosing a sustainable option over one that may not be entirely eco-friendly. With so many choices available, you’ll be able to find sustainable countertops that still make the statement you want to make.

Silestone’s Sunlit Days

The line from Silestone, Sunlit Days, contains a minimum of 20% of recycled materials in every countertop. It combines a mix of quartz, minerals, and recycled glass. Its smooth finish makes it easy to maintain a hygienic surface.

Bamboo Countertops

Bamboo countertops can be wonderfully sustainable if sourced from a company that maintains ethical sustainability in a fair trade environment. They are a great alternative to traditional butcher block countertops and are one of the more affordable sustainable countertops available. It is definitely one to consider for your natural-looking kitchen.

Cambria Stone

Cambria offers a multitude of stone surfaces. What sets them apart is that you would think it’s natural stone, but it’s not. Instead, it is a nonporous, nonabsorbent composite that is even approved for use in school facilities due to its safety ratings. All you need is warm water and soap to clean it off, and you never need to worry about sealing or reconditioning.

PaperStone Paper and Resin

If you want a solid surface known for warmth, performance, and sustainability, check out PaperStone. The surface is nonporous and made from 100% post-consumer recycled products, including paper, glass, and cement. It’s also nonabsorbent and worth noting that if a piece of glass or cement is not usable, the company sends it to be used in roadbeds. PaperStone hopes to one day become a zero-waste company.

Recycled Glass Countertops

You might not think about it, but recycled glass makes fabulous countertops that are durable and safe for food prep. One company, Vetrazzo, combines recycled glass with a variety of other recycled materials and sources its glass from neighborhood glass recycling programs. Every slab is made by hand in Georgia, and each one is entirely unique from the next. Granite is another company that creates recycled glass countertops, but they combine the glass with recycled quartz and acrylics and glass.

Resin Countertops

Resin makes for a fantastic countertop. Because of its ability for customization, you can get a resin countertop in virtually any pattern or fabrication. For example, you could request a resin countertop that looks like marble. But it doesn’t have the same requirements marble does when it comes to maintenance. It’s durable, safe, and easy to repair if it ever gets chipped over time.

Choosing the Best Countertops

When sustainability is a top priority, look for the NSF label when searching for the perfect complement for your space. This label indicates that the countertops have been tested and proven safe for indoor home use. There are a lot of other considerations, too, from aesthetics to which type of surface is appropriate in specific rooms. For instance, some surfaces that may work well in bathrooms may not be the right countertops for the kitchen.

Our team at WPL Interior Design can help you choose the best countertop to fit your needs. We’ll work with you and present you with options so you can make an informed decision. If you’re ready to update your home with new, sustainable countertops, give us a call today!

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