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Grandmillenial Style: Why We Are Obsessed

You might have heard of it already, but classic and traditional decor has been making a comeback. You might have heard of what is now known as the Grandmillenial style. Paying homage to the great interior designs of the past, vintage is making a comeback for several reasons.

Why is Grandmillenial Style Trending?

We’ve seen minimalism and mid-modern century decor dominate interior trends over the past few years. On the other end of the spectrum, bold colors and patterns have also become more popular. For some, Grandmillenial style is a harmonious clash between the two.

With the pandemic encouraging more people to stay at home, we’ve all been forced to reevaluate what makes a beautiful and functional home. No matter your style, one thing we can all agree on? Home should be comfortable and fit our lifestyles.

Many aspects of the Grandmillenial style point towards comfort and designing around unique pieces you already have. This allows for more sustainable and thoughtful design practices, two factors often at the forefront of today’s design practices.

Turning Old into New

As new design trends have emerged in the past, you might have had to spend a lot of money to “get the look.” With Grandmillenial style, however, a great place to start designing is by choosing select pieces you already have. Maybe you have an antique piece of furniture that holds good memories, or handmade items of sentimental value are also a great starting point.

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Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainability has been a rising trend in all aspects of design, and interior design is no different. Homeowners want more reusable and recyclable products—anything that reduces one’s carbon footprint. Grandmillenial style encourages designers to use what is currently in inventory, shop vintage (which can actually be better quality than what is made new today!), and use small, eclectic details to bring “coziness” to life.

Perfect for Downsizing

Another reason why we love the Grandmillienial style? It is perfect for downsizing. It helps you look at what you already have with a new perspective. What are some different ways your current pieces can work together? What supporting pieces can be the new centerpiece? Or, how can you purpose what was once in the living room in a bedroom?

Are you looking to achieve the Grandmillenial style in your current home or want to use it as inspiration for more intentional design? WPL Interior Design would love to help you bring your vision to life. From considering bold colors and patterns to mixing different styles of furniture, let’s create a cohesive and functional space. Not sure what you’re looking for? That’s okay, too! Our designers will ask you questions to help stir your creative juices. Contact us today through our design inquiry form to start!

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