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Hire an Interior Designer: Save Money, Time and Headaches

Interior Designers save you money, plain and simple. Popular myths may lead you to think otherwise but that perception does not match the reality. Here are 5 reasons hiring an Interior Designer will save you money:

1. Interior Designers Are Experienced. Most people rarely dedicate their full focus to interiors. Interior Designers work at and hone their craft daily. Styling a home, a room or an office can be incredibly tricky. Form may follow function but successful interior design is also a marriage of the two, and there are many pitfalls to navigate such as scale, proportion, visual mass, the quality of light, etc. Interior Designers are well aware of the mistakes frequently made in these areas, so depend on the Interior Designer to use the knowledge and expertise gained from extensive experience to troubleshoot problems as they arise and to avoid costly mistakes.

2. Interior Designers Are Well Connected. What the average consumer pays for quality furniture and what a well-connected Interior Designer pays are two separate things. Designers will provide considerable value in the use of their connections, and a prominent Interior Designer represents an incredible source of repeat business to suppliers, contractors, workrooms and service providers. Benefit from your Designer’s connections. With the right Designer, you will receive special attention from stores and deluxe treatment from custom workrooms that deal strictly with the trade.

3. Interior Designers Maximize Efficiency. Some people think Interior Designers just like to spend, spend, spend. Not so. Interior Designers just shop, shop, shop… but they also provide value by maximizing efficiency. Careful consideration of what you already own and a keen sense of what new items will best enhance the design, provides the most value and are key aspects of a successful design. An Interior Designer will be a master at using all available resources to create a spectacular final product.

4. Interior Designers Emphasize Versatility. The ability to adapt quickly to individual clients, specific challenges and evolving lifestyles is an incredibly important quality in any Interior Designer. You can save a great deal of money by hiring the right Interior Designer, defining realistically what you want to spend, and allowing the Interior Designer to apply a keen eye, expertise and a wealth of resources to achieve your goals.

5. Interior Designers Are Highly Motivated. Interior Designers depend heavily on recommendations to grow their book of business. Hence, spending your money hastily could be detrimental to their relationship with you, the client. It’s in their best interest to save you money, time and headaches. Thus, an Interior Designer will continually engage you in the process, maximize any project plan to effectively oversee all work, use existing pieces and acquire new items and materials that provide the most value.

In summary, Interior Designers can and will save you money overall. Because your satisfaction is the key to their business, it is in their best interest to make smart and efficient decisions. So don’t believe the myths. An Interior Designer can be an incredible resource for maximizing the return on your investment in a beautiful and comfortable environment that functions best for your style of living.

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