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High Point Market Trends: Brass or Gold?

Twice a year, buyers from around the world come to High Point Market to see beautifully designed showrooms and exhibits. Buyers come to High Point to see the most innovative new products, see the trends as they happen, and experience the vision and excitement of this incredible industry.

High Point Market features an amazing 12.2 million square feet of showroom and exhibit space and 2,000 manufacturers in multiple buildings in downtown High Point, making it by far the world’s largest home furnishings market. Each Market attracts more than 75,000 industry professionals who come to buy, learn, and network with thought-leaders, trend-setters, and industry experts providing an abundance of products and fresh ideas.

Brass & Gold: Class or Old?

We’ve mentioned the trending of gold finishes before, and we continued to see the trend of gold and brass finishes follow through at the International Home Furnishings Show in High Point, North Carolina. We first reported the trend of these warm, yellow-ish finishes four years ago, and since then, it has spread and become even more popular, especially this year.

Gold faucets are very popular, as well as gold lighting fixtures, gold tile, gold furniture, gold accessories and gold wallpaper. For many years the white metals dominated. Nickel, chrome, and stainless worked well with white and gray interiors. But as we have reported in this blog, color and pattern are making a comeback, and gold tones work very well with color.

The return of color and pattern, a counterbalance to stark white and gray, is not an independent thought from Brass and Gold finishes. Saturated color looks good with gold and gold works with any color.

Think about it:
White and gold? Check.
Black & gold? Check.
Red & gold? Check.
Blue & gold? Check.
Green & gold? Check.
Purple & gold. Check.
Even Gray & gold? Check.

Get our point? Gold is universal. It goes with everything. Egyptians knew this thousands of years ago. Gold is classic and while it may cycle in popularity, it will never go out of style completely. Not for long anyway. Gold is King.

Pictured here are some of our favorite gold finishes from the High Point market.

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