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One fun way to brighten up your home is with seasonal decorations. Whether you plan to celebrate each of the four seasons or ring in our favorite holidays, this is your chance to be festive while showing off your creativity! Because seasons change regularly, those same decorations need to be stored somewhere. Properly putting away seasonal decor is essential. Otherwise, finding and accessing the items can make decorating feel more of a hassle than fun. Thankfully there are ways to store seasonal decor so that the decorating process is easier and faster. Here are some of our favorite solutions.

Use Container Bins

Bins keep decorations organized and protected from damage and dust. Bins are not only an effective way to store seasonal decor but can be fun to customize if you enjoy DIY projects!  They come in many colors, including ones that correspond to each season. You can also choose flat white for an ultra-clean look. 

Aside from having a vast color selection, storage bins come in various styles as well. Hyacinth baskets are an especially popular style because of their aesthetically pleasing look. They can be placed around the home as decorative pieces while also storing your decorations in plain sight. Talk about multifunctional! If hyacinth baskets aren’t your cup of tea, there are so many other styles, like felt baskets, that you can choose from.

However, our favorite option is to go clear. Transparent boxes allow for instant viewing from a distance for quicker access. Try to purchase bins of the same size and brand so that the boxes are easy to stack. Another option is to find boxes with different colored tops to create your own organizational system. 

Use Garment Bags for Larger Items 

For items that don’t fit inside bins, consider garment bags! They are especially useful for wreaths and other hanging decorations. Just slip the item into a bag and hang it for easy storage.

Strategize Your Packing

A great way of keeping similar items together, organized, and easily accessible is by grouping decorations by holiday or by style. One solution is to organize items by room. For example, if you have dining table decorations for the 4th of July, place them all in one box labeled “Dining Table”. That way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of rummaging through all of your boxes to find what you need. 

You can also organize items in the chronological order you display them, and number the boxes accordingly. A great example of this is displaying a toy train during Christmas. If you set it out early, the train can become a tripping hazard while redecorating other areas of the room. With everything set out in the right order, you can decorate with ease. 

Decide Where to Store Decorations

If you frequently redecorate, store seasonal decor in a more accessible location, like dedicated shelving in a closet. You can even prioritize moving out other home items you seldom use to make room for the ones you do. If you need more space inside your home, then your garage, attic, or crawlspace can work too.

Worry Less, Enjoy Decorating More

Worrying about how and where to store items can take away from the fun of decorating your home. With these tips and tricks, you can remove the hassle and spend more time enjoying decorating. If you want help maximizing your storage space, fill out our design inquiry form today.

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