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How Home Bathroom Design Is Evolving

Thanks to the pandemic, the way we live and what we want from our homes have greatly evolved. People want the comforts they experience elsewhere in their own lives, which extends to their home bathroom design.

Before the Pandemic

What people want from their bathrooms has changed since the pandemic. The bathroom was a place where you would spend a few minutes preparing for the rest of your day. A plush bathroom wasn’t seen as a necessity. It was a place where you would shower, take care of business, and be done with it.

Tubs were standard, showers were minimal, and storage space was typically not in ample supply. You may have limited cabinet space and maybe a linen closet, but again, as bathrooms have not traditionally been a central focal point for people, bathrooms were filled with necessities.

During the Pandemic

As people continue to stay home or at least spend more time in their house, they’re deciding they want more from their home. They are working to make their homes feel more inviting, continuing with the bathroom.

Luxuries that were previously not a requirement have now become vital to enjoying existing at home. If you want that large shower, now’s the time when it’s becoming more prevalent. Color palettes are changing to reflect personal preferences, built-ins are becoming more common, and heated flooring is not something to shake your head at.

European Influences and Other Innovations

We all remember the toilet paper shortage. It was a tough time to exist if you were one of the people who didn’t hoard toilet paper and just needed enough to get by normally. At the same time, the shortage prompted an older bathroom fixture, the bidet, to make a new appearance in the US.

Other innovations you’ll find include water efficiency, energy conservation-minded appliances, in-bathroom entertainment in addition to communication options. Technology is no longer something you enjoy everywhere but the bathroom – it’s a part of what you can expect to see as home bathroom design evolves.

Costs of Home Bathroom Design and Renovations

While many people can DIY some things, the average bathroom project is expected to run around $8,000. For more significant renovations like upgrading to a more oversized shower or tubs, you can expect upwards of about $15,000 in renovation expenses.

If you were to go high-end with your bathroom renovations, you could expect costs to be somewhere between $25,000 to $100,000. High-end upgrades include:

  • Voice-activated smart bathroom devices.
  • Private spaces.
  • In-floor heating.
  • Huge showers with multiple waterspouts.

Technology and Home Bathroom Design

Since the days the pandemic began, homes, including their bathrooms, have all gotten a lot more attention. Bathrooms have become places of solace and comfort while embracing more personal touches and including technology like never before. Have fun designing your perfect bathroom, but remember that you always want to hire a professional to make sure that you get everything installed correctly for any renovations. The WPL Interior Design team is here to help! If it’s about time to upgrade your home to be more functional, give us a call today.

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