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How to Reno Your Kitchen (Without the Reno)

We have all been there: cooking in a kitchen that you don’t really love the overall look of. You imagine how you’d like to change it, but don’t want to do a full renovation right now. Luckily, you can make easy improvements to your kitchen so that it feels like a new space without too much interruption to your daily life.

Light Fixtures

The dreaded track lighting, fluorescent lights, or boob lights that a lot of basic kitchens currently have are dated and probably not what you’d choose if you were picking out lighting for your space. There are many great budget-friendly lighting options that you can swap out your existing fixtures for to achieve the look you want. If your kitchen has an open area above shelving or hooks, that’s a perfect space to add a wall sconce or a few for accent lighting. No need to have them hardwired, use a remote-operated puck light to keep the cost down.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is the easiest upgrade you can make to your kitchen. The only tool required is a screwdriver and it doesn’t take much time to install new knobs or pulls. Use modern hardware to bring your kitchen to current times and choose a finish that works well with your home. 

Painting Your Cabinets

This one is going to take a little more effort and time, but the end result will be worth it. If you want to lighten up your space or bring a fun color in, refreshing your cabinets with paint is a great way to do it. Make sure to test your paint colors to make sure the new color you’re bringing in works well with the other elements of your kitchen.

Replace Cabinet Fronts

Do you dislike your cabinet fronts but are not ready to replace them all? You can just swap out the doors and hinges for something that fits your style better. Make sure to measure really well! 

Painting Grout or Tile

Over time, grout can start to look dingy, even after a good scrub. There are great grout painting products available to update your grout color to a more modern one and look clean and fresh. If you have a smooth floor tile, you can also repaint it with paint specifically made to withstand the wear our floors take on. You can opt for a whole new overall color or add some pattern and use a stencil. You won’t even be able to recognize your floors!

Swap out Your Faucet 

Your kitchen faucet might be stuck in another decade. Changing your faucet to one with more technological advances and ease of use like with a pull-down sprayer or motion-sensing abilities can make a big difference when doing the dishes and aesthetically. Finding faucets that fit your existing sink is fairly easy to do and you’ll love the end result.

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