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There are a lot of different ways to think about minimalism. For most people, it’s about minimizing belongings and simplifying one’s lifestyle. When it comes to design, less can definitely be more, but many have difficulty when it comes to coupling minimalism and design. Often, houses look less like homes and more like empty boxes. If you are on the path to minimalism, here are some minimalist interior design tips to both light and liven up your home.

The Magic of Color

Minimizing your belongings to maximize the space in your home is a huge part of minimalism, but it can make a room feel barren and hollow. Choose a color scheme of two or three colors, paint to transform your walls or furniture, add accent pillows to your couches, and use colorful frames when hanging up photographs or posters in your home. Incorporating colors into the home has been a trend that only continues to grow. It’s an inexpensive solution to adding personality into your home and it’s a great way to transform a space without actually taking up any space.

Photos: Jay Greene Photography

Stylish Storage

People often concentrate on the functional side of storage. However, plain boxes are prone to be hidden away, which only adds to the clutter. Before purchasing another mundane container, examine the type of storage you need. Then, shop around for storage options that are as decorative as they are functional. Combining aesthetic and function allows you to be more intentional with what you put in your home. Do you need to organize small items? Try decorative photo boxes, ceramic serving trays, wall shelves and hooks, or a small sideboard. For larger storage options, shop around for multi-functional storage solutions, like ottomans, storage benches, lift-up coffee tables, and storage bed frames.

Photos: Jay Greene Photography

Layering Textures

Light colors such as white, neutrals, and pale pastels are often associated with minimalist interior design. Not only do they help brighten up a room but they also make it look more clean and spacious. But the visuals start to fall flat when everything’s the same shade and color. Use the tactile and visual textures of rugs, drapes, upholstery, and furniture as opportunities to add dimension to your space.

Photos: Jay Greene Photography

Minimalist Decor

Minimalist interior design usually emanates a simple and natural vibe. Natural materials, including natural sunlight, florals, and greenery, are excellent ways to maintain a carefree and airy ambiance. Still struggling for ways to decorate? Consider your favorite artwork or sentimental items that you would feel comfortable displaying around your home.

Photos: Jay Greene Photography

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