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Is Custom-Made Furniture Worth It?

When your home is your sanctuary, you have to create an environment that you absolutely love. To do this, sometimes it only makes sense to get a custom-made piece of furniture. In addition to having a custom design that is made just for you, custom-made furniture also tends to last longer and is more durable than store-bought furniture. 

The Benefits of Custom Made Furniture

There are a lot of different types of custom furniture. In fact, we recently commissioned a custom-made spice rack because we couldn’t find one that fit our needs. Some of the most popular types of furniture to get custom-made upholstery, end tables and coffee tables, dining tables, beds, and built-ins. Here’s why WPL Interior Design loves recommending customizing furniture to our clients.

Kitchen island with breakfast bar in center of kitchen
Photo by Andy Dean Photography

Quality Materials 

The best aspect about custom-made furniture is the value. When getting something customized, your interior designer will likely look for local upholsterers or cabinetmakers. This alone saves on any markup and freight costs from a store. Instead, you can invest that extra amount into the materials and craftsmanship of your furniture piece.

Custom-made furniture is known to stand the test of time. A lot of time and care goes into hand-crafted pieces, versus mass-produced pieces of furniture made on an assembly line. You will not have to worry about replacing your furniture every five to ten years. It’s also likely that your custom-made pieces will adhere beyond minimal safety standards and offer your household more peace of mind.


When getting customized furniture, you’ll notice a wider selection of designs and materials available. This gives you a lot more control of the quality while being able to pair your desired designs with your favorite materials.

Built-in seating area in front of large windows
Photo by Krista Abel

No two pieces of custom furniture are alike, making them truly unique additions to your home. This is a great way to add style and personality into your decor. However, it also allows you to find pieces of furniture that truly fit into your home like a glove. Built-ins are a popular piece of custom furniture because it helps maximize your space and is built to the exact specifications of your home! Upholstery is also a wonderful way to re-customize old pieces of furniture. Instead of throwing what you have away, you can make it new with fresh padding and coverings. . 

Better for the Environment

For those who are conscious about their environmental impact, going custom-made offers a greener way of purchasing furniture. Buying local helps cut down on freight costs while supporting local shops that are sourcing quality materials. The durability of custom-made furniture also means they will last longer, which reduces the amount of waste going into landfills. If your custom furniture starts to show some wear-and-tear, or you just want to refresh the look, you can re-customize it; it is almost like getting a brand new piece of furniture without throwing anything away!

Comparing Costs

It may seem like custom furniture would be a lot more expensive than ones that are mass-produced, but that is not the case. When you compare two pieces of furniture of similar quality and design, you may even find that the custom piece will actually be more economical. Once again, not having to pay markups and freight costs helps you save money, which can be reinvested into the quality of materials for your furniture. But the longevity of each handmade piece is ultimately what makes custom-made worth it. Even though the initial cost of custom furniture may seem higher than what you would get in the store right away, you will not have to worry about replacing it for a long time, if ever. Custom-made furniture is truly an investment worth making!

Living room with sectional couch that has blue and brown upholstered seating, surrounding a coffee table
Photo by Rehan Qureshi

When to Buy Custom

While we love custom furniture, we know it may not be necessary for every occasion. So when is the best time to buy custom? First and foremost, it’s worth considering when you cannot find a piece of furniture you love. This allows you to have input over the design and any special features you are looking for. Second, if you need something that fits into a specific space in your home, custom-furniture is the way to go. You don’t want to be buying something cheap from the store, only to have to spend more money making it fit the way you want. Lastly, custom furniture is a great option for upcycling old pieces of furniture.

Living room with white couches and long coffee table
Photo by Rehan Qureshi

Are you looking for a custom-made piece of furniture, but don’t know where to start? Give our designers at WPL Interior Design a call! We have been helping clients all over the country for decades. Not only can we help advise you on the right pieces and design, but we will also help you find the right craftsmen for high-quality and one-of-a-kind pieces. Reach out to us through our online design form or give us a call at 215-592-9570.

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