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Is Modern Farmhouse Going Out of Style?  

Farmhouse design exudes warmth and charm, but it’s been around a while, which raises some questions. Will modern farmhouse design go out of style? Could investing in farmhouse design be a costly mistake? If the style is on the way out, what is taking its place? 

Modern farmhouse is still on trend but also evolving so that it works better with today’s trends. Luckily, today’s changes are improvements to the older style!

Here is what we can expect in modern farmhouse design in 2023.

What is Modern Farmhouse Design?

Modern farmhouse design began in 2010 and picked up steam in 2016 after a New York Times article coined the phrase while referencing the work of Jersey Ice Cream Co, an interior design firm. It became more popular thanks to Joanna Gaines and her HGTV show Fixer Upper, where she focused on its blend of country, shabby chic, and industrial styling.

Homestead-like elements and upcycled designs with an over-arching focus on comfortable and relaxed living are used in modern farmhouse design. It’s a casual style that focuses more on how a room feels than it looks. It features rustic items like repurposed objects as lighting, openly-displayed kitchen accessories, and other features like vintage furniture, reclaimed wood, and homey expressions as wall art. 

Today’s modern farmhouse design is moving up a notch in sophistication. It uses fewer rustic elements and feels less quaint, moving more toward modern lines, neutral tones, and spots of shinier elements. It is also becoming richer… not necessarily in look, but in the experience. Modern farmhouse design forgoes the kitschy wall art and instead moves to more individualized, customized, and vintage pieces that celebrate our true histories. This design approach is similar to that of today’s cottagecore design. For more about cottagecore, click here.

What are the Current Traits of Modern Farmhouse Design? 

Here are some of the changes we’re seeing to modern farmhouse design in 2023:

Modern treatments: Some elements include stainless steel appliances, cleaner lighting, and granite countertops. 

Less fake DIY decor and more hand-made items: The previous trend of generic wall phrases and unauthentic, staged accessories is out. Today it’s all about putting up items that we really use to showcase our interests and history. One example is family-made pottery and artwork. The more unique the piece, the better.

Marble and granite are back: Marble is more prevalent in nearly every design aesthetic this year, and modern farmhouse is no exception. From side tables to kitchen counters and accessories, these materials add beauty and richness. Marble is particularly adept at bringing on the shine.

Changing metals: Metal is still popular but with less focus on a dark, rustic look. The trend has shifted to cleaner or naturally-discolored copper and brass.

A change in shiplap and wainscoting: Wood-paneled walls are either non-existent or used more sparingly, such as on only one wall. The wood is also more authentic in its look.

More focus on natural-themed artwork: We are seeing more landscape-themed art and still lifes of flowers.

Cleaner designs:  We’re seeing more use of white walls and clean wood furnishings, all of which will help bring a fresher look to the style. 

Wood is the Way to Go!

Cleaner natural woods: The prior, rougher surfaces that offered the beaten-up look are placed on smooth wood finishes.

Natural wood dining tables: These tables extend the wood theme easily into living spaces for a more natural look.

A shift to lighter-toned woods: Now, colors have shifted from dark, rich tones to lighter natural woods and limewashes. Some spaces can still use dark wood, but white walls help bring balance.

Other Elements to Incorporate

Unkept elements for balance and charm: Examples include practical items like dish racks, exposed cooking utensils, and firewood storage. 

Architectural elements: To create a homey, farmhouse feel, we’re seeing more gable roofs, vaulted ceilings, ample windows, and a strong focus on porches.

Partially constructed items: Modern farmhouse offers an unfinished look to prioritize function over form and evoke the feel of a working farmhouse. This year it takes the theme even further with open shelving and cabinets without doors. 

Vintage and heirloom items: Historical pieces are displayed to create a deeper home experience. Examples include vintage rugs, Windsor chairs, metal bed frames, and large, wing-back chairs.

Mixed fabric patterns: Like cottagecore, fabrics are less matchy, letting each fabric and furniture stand out for added appeal.

Will Modern Farmhouse Go Out of Style?

It looks like the modern farmhouse design will not go out of style anytime soon! But like all styles, it benefits from freshening up now and again. That’s what today’s trends in modern farmhouses do.

Still, this year is unique in that the trend is more enduring. Modern farmhouse is now more about us, our histories, and our individual creativity, and these are things worth celebrating over the long term.

Need Some Help?

With years of professional interior design experience, we know modern farmhouse design well and know how to implement the latest trends into your home. Connect with us here to talk over your goals!

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