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We are seeing some new and continuing trends in Kitchen Design and here are our insights.

Trends are increasing in speed from previous years, meaning the time between when they first appear and become popular has shortened. Trends pop-up, ignite and spread much faster.

The Kitchen is the New Living Room

Kitchens are no longer treated as separate, unique rooms in the home, but rather an integral central part of the home. The Kitchen is not just a gathering place, the Kitchen is becoming THE living room or the main living space. Linear kitchens are very popular. These kitchens have one long full-height wall of cabinetry and appliances, with a long island in front. Sometimes an “L” of full-height walls with an island in front. This open plan, which one can walk around, is very user and family friendly, and is contributing to the “Kitchen as Living Room” trend.


All in the Details

  • Monochromatic color palettes are trending.
  • Another trend in countertops is 1 cm thick with reverse beveled edges.
  • Natural materials are becoming more popular to bring the outdoors inside. Natural stone, reclaimed wood, rough glass, metals with old or patina finishes.
  • Using no knobs or pulls on cabinetry is the latest trend, these doors and drawers have integrated grab areas as pulls or touch latches.


Functionality is Key

  • Micro kitchens are becoming popular in urban apartments, vacation homes, mother-in-law suites, master bedroom suites, home theaters, guest suites, etc.
  • Microban, antimicrobial treatment, used in countertops is becoming more popular.
  • Induction cooking is a huge trend. It is more efficient than gas, safer than electric burners, and requires pots with magnetic material.
  • Air extraction is becoming much more important.


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