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Maximalist Interior Design is Coming Back!

If you believe in “the more, the merrier,” one design philosophy embodies this to the max. It is called maximalism, and fortunately, maximalist interior design is coming back in a big way. 

As designers, we know that beauty can come in many forms. For instance, beauty can be shown by the way items are presented. Additionally, showcasing history or personal interests adds beauty and also results in a richer home experience. Maximalism excels at all of this, which is why it is popular today. 

But, why the shift? And how can it be accomplished at home? Here is a simple guide to this not-so-simple aesthetic. 

What is Maximalist Design? 

Just like it sounds, maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. Some people even see it as an antidote. With minimalistic design philosophies like Japandi, Muji, and Scandinavian minimalism becoming increasingly popular, demand for maximalism is also growing. 

Unlike minimalism, maximalism is a design aesthetic overflowing with personality and style. Think vibrant color palettes, mixed patterns, and meaningful objects that tell a story.

Whether you’re looking for dramatic glamour or cozy comfort, maximalism makes it easy to express yourself. 

The History of Maximalist Design

Maximalist design was popular during the 1800s and the 1970s. In the 1800s, it evoked Victorian decadence and opulence. In the 1970s, it was all about vivid colors, busy patterns, and meaningful objects in relaxed floor plans.

Maximilasim doesn’t adhere to any specific style today, but these eras work well as styles you can follow.

How to Achieve Maximalist Design at Home

Here are some common traits of maximalist homes. 

Have Colors and Patterns Take Center Stage

Bright, saturated colors and bold patterns set the stage and are unapologetically flamboyant and playful. Some examples of colors are emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, and other jewel tones. Go a step further and blend them with vibrant pops of pink and orange. The key is to start with a palette that resonates with you and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns. A color wheel or recommended complementary colors by Pantone work as a great guide. 

Also, try choosing patterns like floral and animal prints for contrast and interest. Don’t be afraid to go big and layer them – a key trait of maximalism. Mix and match different patterns, like floral, geometric, and abstract prints and incorporate varying textures like velvet, silk, and leather to give depth and interest to your decor.

Get Busy With It

Maximalism actively avoids negative space. Spaces are filled with decor elements, from accent walls to boldly patterned carpets and curtains to mixed prints, personal objects, and eclectic decor choices.

Make it Meaningful 

Incorporate meaningful objects that showcase your personality and style. Display your favorite artwork, family photos, and treasured items to bring your space a sense of uniqueness and personality. Consider adding painterly prints or vintage finds to create an eclectic feel. Prioritize items that make you happy, such as quirky coffee table books and heirloom furniture. 

Use Natural Wood and Stone

With the scattered look of maximalism comes a need for a grounded base. Furniture and materials made from wood and stone are enduring anchors to your designs and help give the room a timeless feel. Hardwood floors are especially effective.

Use Accent Walls to the Max

Decorate accent walls as focal points, and don’t shy away from bold choices like wallpaper in vibrant colors or patterns. 

Choose Furniture That Makes a Statement 

Prioritize furniture that exudes visual interest and join unalike items near each other. Find contrasts that bring out the beauty of each piece while creating an engaging story. Likewise, give each piece its own color, and don’t be afraid to choose items big in size either. This is all about going to the max, so make that dining table or sectional stand out in size and color, and decorate it to the hilt! You can exude luxury with upholstery colors like emerald green and textures like velvet. 

Add Plenty of Artwork

Pack walls with paintings, photos, and special letters or keepsakes. You will find that you, your family, and your guests will spend time admiring them, enriching their experience of the room. 

Beauty to the Max

Maximalist interior design celebrates everyday life and creates a space that truly reflects your style. Pack your rooms to create an ultra-rich look and experience, and feel free to mix patterns and colors like those listed above. If you need help bringing it all together and making your home look its best, we’re here to help. 

Fill out our inquiry form today for personalized advice on bringing maximalist interior design into your home!

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