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Mixing Contemporary and Traditional Styles for a Timeless Look

Trends are known to come and go. And when it comes to their home, everyone has their own preferences in style. But one aspect of design most homeowners want to achieve is a timeless look that doesn’t need to be changed or updated often. One way to create a beautiful space that endures time is by mixing different furniture and design styles. Here are some tips on how to blend together the old and new for an impressive look.  

Looking at Your Home’s Architecture 

Every home can look stunning and timeless, regardless of when it was built. Your home could be new construction, or it could have been built in the 1940s. A great way to begin creating your space is by observing the architecture of your home and pairing small details to balance out the overall design. When you stick too much to a single style or period of design, your home could end up looking like a museum or feel outdated in just a few years.  

different furniture styles with vintage lighting
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

One big trend we are seeing is the growing popularity of vintage lighting in spacious, open-plan homes. Next to the clean architectural lines and minimalist nature of these homes, these classic pieces of lighting stand out beautifully for all to admire. 

On the other hand, homes that were built decades ago may benefit from more contemporary pieces, including lighting, rugs, and other accessories. Even if your home is representing more of one style that you love, these counterbalancing details help add dimension and style to your space. In fact, they can either further accentuate the style you want to acheive.  

Using Color, Texture, and Different Furniture Styles

Color, texture, and furniture are three important tools that can help create that timeless look in your home. You don’t need to buy anything new to mix up different furniture styles. If you’re downsizing and you’ve found yourself with multiple traditional pieces of furniture, consider reupholstering what you have with contemporary patterns or more simplistic fabrics for a refreshing update. 

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Another growing trend is the use of color throughout the home. More homeowners are painting their kitchens and bathroom blue, their front doors black, and adding large floral patterns onto their walls. Soften up a vivacious space by breaking it up with some neutral colors; this will help make your home look cozy rather than fussy. When mixing different furniture styles and design patterns, color is also an easy way to unify everything together. 

If your space is starting to look flat, introduce more textures and patterns to elevate your space. Even if choosing simple colors, texture in your fabrics throughout the room can help create more dimension without looking too loud. 

Don’t Forget the Art  

Add classic art into a contemporary space. Or, do the opposite and add some modern art pieces into a room that’s more classic and traditional. Once again, it’s all about balance. If your home is more modern with wide, open spaces, add a few ornate pieces, like a chandelier or an antique mirror. You can find several unique pieces of wall art and sculptures in our exclusive online boutique

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Mixing and matching different furniture styles and other larger pieces can be a lot of fun; after all, it’s how you transform your house into a home. But it can also be overwhelming when you’re faced with a million and one design choices! Our designers at WPL Interior Design are here to help guide you through the process. If you already know what you want to achieve, let us know and we can help you get started. And if you’re unsure of where to start, we can help bring focus to your vision. We pride ourselves in creating homes that reflect the needs and personalities of our clients. Fill out our design inquiry form today to let us know more about your next design project. 

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