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Designing the Ultimate Philadelphia Penthouse Retreat

Known for its rich history, vibrant street art, flourishing gardens, and timeless architecture, Philadelphia is the perfect place to call home. Owning a penthouse offers a spacious layout plan for high-end living while incorporating the city’s finest art into your interior. Discover how to create the Philadelphia penthouse retreat of your dreams with these seamless designs. 

Maximizing Your Penthouse Layout

Designing your Philadelphia penthouse retreat is an exciting opportunity to elevate your living space with innovative designs. However, before you dive headfirst into planning, you should assess your penthouse layout to maximize its potential. 

Penthouses are known for having high ceilings and abundant natural light. Consider utilizing an open floor plan to embrace the spaciousness. This will allow the free flow of natural light throughout your home and make the most of the city views. Integrating low-profile furniture, clean lines, and recessed lighting can help preserve your view.

Structural elements such as weight-bearing columns are also important to consider. Let weight-bearing columns, vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, and other elements lead the way in your design to complement rather than work against your penthouse’s natural design. 

Integrate complementary lighting fixtures and decor that draw the eye upward and color palettes that work for and not against these existing elements. You can also optimize vertical height by adding a loft as an office or wellness space. Shelving and oversized statement art can be further drawn on this vertical space. Devising a thoughtful design strategy will allow you to transform these challenges into innovative solutions.

Natural Light

When designing your Philadelphia penthouse, natural light will be your best friend as it creates an airy space that complements minimalist designs. Natural light has been linked to numerous health benefits such as reduced eye strain, enhanced mood, and increased productivity, so consider amplifying its effects with optimal colors. 

White, neutral, and pastel colors can make your space feel brighter without the need for artificial light. For those who desire intense color palettes, you can use saturated colors to make your interior more vibrant. 

Generally, northern-facing rooms receive less sunlight and have cooler tones, so warmer hues like reds and oranges can offset dimness. Alternatively, southern-facing rooms typically bask in the sunlight. This makes cooler tones like greens, blues, and purple ideal for maintaining a harmonic temperature blend. Overall, intentionality and deliberation with your color palette can go far in harnessing the benefits of natural light. 

Panoramic Views

Philadelphia is known as America’s garden capital and has received international acclaim as “the mural capital of the world.” Public street art and lush gardens make panoramic views vital to designing iconic living spaces. 

You can ditch the window blinds and invite Philly’s artistic charm into your penthouse. If you’re close to one of Philly’s 30+ gardens, you can embellish your interior walls and furniture with colors from the city below to create a modest contemporary design. For views with less color, you can contrast city grays with saturated tones.

Contemporary Furniture

When it comes to your penthouse aesthetic, minimalist furniture can help highlight architectural qualities without obscuring the breathtaking Philly skyline. For example, Scandinavian designs prioritize a harmonious balance between simplicity and functionality. Simplicity showcases the precise craftsmanship of beautifully constructed furniture, so try finding pieces that tap into elegant minimalism.

Don’t forget to consider incorporating art and furniture from local designs to tap into the beauty of Philadelphia! Luxe Philadelphia offers a wide range of contemporary furniture to elevate your luxurious penthouse while supporting local designers.

Decorative Finishes

Interior finishes on walls, floors, and ceilings can transform your space through natural and synthetic materials. Choosing the right finishes creates an elegant living environment with a healthy blend of simplicity and personality. Materials that work best with open layouts and minimalist designs include plaster, wood, and metal.


Plaster finishes are versatile options when introducing style and texture. Moisture-resistant plaster like gypsum and lime work great in bathrooms or living spaces frequently exposed to outdoor elements or water. Plaster is easily customizable and works great alongside glass, acrylic, and wallpaper for a sleek look.

Additionally, textured finishes can create captivating focal points while adding rich elements to your home. Venetian finishes imitate the look of marble and stone but are actually smooth surfaces of multi-layered plaster. These finishes offer ways to reflect natural light elegantly. 

If you want to deviate from textured finishes, classic smooth finishes can maximize color richness on walls and ceilings. With the right color combinations, you can make any room appear spacious and lively.


For a more natural look, wood finishes are a perfect option to incorporate into your penthouse retreat if not already present. Light wood like chestnut, birch, and oak helps amplify natural light in your penthouse. To contrast lighter walls and fabrics, you can opt for darker colors like mahogany or walnut.

Being intentional with wood finishes can accentuate natural lighting and desired colors for your room. You can opt for fine and straight-grain finishes for a subtle look. If your room has warm natural light, you can select wood with similar undertones to create a cozy, warm minimalist style.


Industrial minimalism can add sleek sophistication to your interior. Metal finishes are low-maintenance, scratch-resistant, and perfect for inviting city elements into your penthouse. You can incorporate metal finishes into fixtures like kitchen cabinets, door knobs, mirrors, lighting, furniture, and centerpieces. 

To further industrialize your interior, you can invest in antique or brushed metal finishes to accent walls and fireplaces. You can also experiment with stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, and nickel finishes to harness the essence of city living.

Ready to turn your dream Philadelphia penthouse retreat into a reality? Get in touch with our design team today.

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