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Preparing Your Home for Holiday Entertaining

We can feel it in the air: the holidays are coming. And oh, how we love the holiday, especially preparing for holiday entertaining! If you are hosting this year’s festive party, here are some tips to dazzle your guests.

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Bathrooms that Pamper

Bathrooms can easily be overlooked when you are preparing for holiday entertaining, but it is a room that’s likely to be used! Powder rooms are such an easy way to impress your guests when they visit. Spoil your friends and family with handmade soaps, lavish hand creams, and aromatic potpourri, elegantly presented on a display tray. Further add to the room’s ambiance with nice hand towels, a small floral arrangement or candle, and a decorative wastebasket.

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Impressive Tabletops

People eat with their eyes, and what better way to get your guests excited for a meal than a remarkable dining table. First, make sure there is plenty of space for all your guests; we don’t want everyone to be squished together! There should be a comfortable amount of space for your serving platters, as well as your guest’s tableware, glassware, and silverware.

Second, the holidays are the time to break out your finest dishes. Have we mentioned gold is in? If you’re contemplating new dishes, centerpieces, or other dining decor, consider bringing the charm to your table with gold or metallic accents. When it comes to centerpieces for your dining table, it’s also important to be wary of anything too large that may block anyone’s view. Smaller pieces of decoration will allow your guests to converse and bond more easily.

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Bountiful Serving Stations

If you feel cramped for space, or if your guests are not going to be sitting all around one table for eating, consider setting up a serving station. Having a buffet of appetizers, entrees, and desserts will also make it easier for you to mingle with your guests and enjoy your holiday party without too many trips to the kitchen. Furthermore, a separate food station allows larger parties to serve guests more easily; you won’t have to worry about passing any heavy dishes from one end of the table to another!

Even if you are not worried about space at the dining table, having an independent bar cart or dessert display can certainly add a sense of luxury to your holiday affair. Cover a side table with a nice tablecloth and a few centerpieces for an inviting look. Utilize tiered platters and cake stands to display your offerings at different heights for added dimension and an abundant table.

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Nature Is In

Many holiday colors can be found in greenery and foliage that are easily available when preparing for holiday entertaining. Flowers, plants, branches, and decorative fruits and vegetables are a fairly inexpensive way to add a natural touch to your festivities. These can all be used as magnificent centerpieces or general decor throughout your home. You don’t have to go crazy with the plants, but even just a little bit of greenery can really liven up your party!

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Photo: Jay Greene Photography

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