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"Under the Bridge" X-Large photograph

Under the Bridge – XL.  Original black and white photograph of the streets of Tokyo, Japan by a young Japanese artist. Issued in a limited edition of 10. Smaller versions of this original photograph were called the “Earthquake Edition.”   Those photographs were issued by the artist and sold to raise funds for the earthquake relief in Japan after a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck in March of 2011.  This photo predates that disaster. Taken beneath a Tokyo freeway bridge in the Sumida River.  The river and under grid of the bridge’s supports reflect on the still water.    The photograph captures the light and dark of the river and the structures which it houses.   You can see traffic traveling on the lower bridge made of brick in the background which is dwarfed by the overwhelming superstructure bridge above.  The water below mirrors the structure above creating an captivating illusion.  The water reflects on the beams of the modern bridge above parallel to the river.   When studying the round support columns, it is hard to distinguish where the columns end and the river begins. The photo has a yin/yang essence.  The glossy white frame and white mat contrast with the black and white images.  While taken in Tokyo, the scene could be in any urban city.

Dimensions: 33 1/4″ wide x 28 1/4″ high


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