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As many of you know, we visit High Point Market twice a year to source products for our clients. It is a great place to see style and color trends and the latest introductions which will hit the market in six months. Like fashion week in New York, the semi-annual furnishings market gives a glimpse into the future of the interior design and home furnishings industry.

While the general umbrella trend is still towards contemporary, we are seeing four sub trends that are getting stronger. Some have been around for a while, but it seems they are hitting market saturation. Sometimes when that happens they are peaking and will be on the way out. But keeping in mind that we are seeing what’s coming six months out, these trends are likely to continue for at least another year, or more.

• • •   LUCITE/ACRYLIC  • • •

Lucite and acrylic furniture is huge. Whatever you call it, clear transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin, aka Lucite or Acrylic, is absolutely on fire. We last saw this trend being very big in the 1980’s, but everything cycles and this one is going strong. Almost every furniture manufacturer has an Acrylic/Lucite piece in their lines.

Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Acrylic-Lucite_0132 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Acrylic-Lucite_0133 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Acrylic-Lucite_0134

• • •   METALS  • • •

We have commented on “big, bold brass & gold” in our blogs, but all metals are hot in all the white and gold colors. Furniture manufacturers are featuring more metal in chairs, tables, étagères and even beds. However the one metal we are not seeing is oil rubbed bronze, this poor finish is out.

Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Metals_0127 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Glass_0124Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Metals_0128Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Metals_0129 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Metals_0130Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Metals_0131

• • •   GLASS  • • •

Where there is metal there is frequently glass. An elegant alternative to the Lucite/Acrylic craze, glass is a classic which never goes out of style. But at times it is more prevalent than others. We are seeing lots and lots of glass. Usually as tables and table tops, mixed with other materials like wood, metal and stone.

Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Glass_0123 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Glass_0122 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Glass_0125 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Glass_0126

• • •   ANIMAL  • • •

Animal skins and prints are still hot, faux or real. This trend comes and goes, but it’s coming around again and not long after it just peaked. We think it is a classic, and with the desire for more natural materials lately, it certainly makes sense. Animal skins have been around since cave men, so we don’t think they are going anywhere. We may replace the real with faux, but the animal style seems to be very popular in design.

Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Animal_0119 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Animal_0120 Philadelphia-Interior-Design-HIgh-Point-Market-trends-Animal_0121




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