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The best part of the home office design process is that nearly every decision we make is intentional. Your home office should help you stay productive while also being comfortable. Not every home office is going to be made equally and should be custom fit to the user.

Getting Started

We start the process by asking some really personal questions:

  • How often are you on calls or in video conferences?
  • Do you pace around the room when you’re on the phone?
  • Has anyone complained about the volume of your voice when you’re on the phone?

These are important questions that you may not have thought about before. The most sensible and dynamic design will begin to materialize after we complete this type of deep dive. If your most productive self emerges from complete silence (or if you’re one of those loud talkers), we may introduce soundproofing and acoustic wall or ceiling panels.

If you find yourself walking around, maybe looking outside while you’re on the phone, we’ll want to analyze the ideal location for a picture window and be sure to give you enough space to stretch your legs. There’s no reason why your workspace shouldn’t be personalized for your exact needs.


Our goal is to make your workspace a place where you can show off your individuality. We look for wallpapers, pops of color, plants, optimal sunlight, and unique focal points that reflect your personality. We also want to make sure to maintain design principles that are proven to boost productivity. Consider the redesign of a home office as a form of self-care.

After we’ve established the conceptual and schematic direction of your home office, we will dive right into the essentials that will be sure to make your space just as savvy as you are.  With the right tools, cutting-edge technology, and optimal setup, we can create a space that’s as efficient as it is sophisticated.

We’ve had enough of those clunky “executive” desks that look like they’ve been carried straight out of the oval office. Instead, we tend to look for a much more sleek and minimalist feeling worktop. We can allocate the bulk of your storage needs in a custom built-in system away from, or behind, your primary workstation.

An Ergonomic Workspace

It’s essential to keep things basic and practical at home, as we find it much easier to get work done when you’re not surrounded by a mountain of clutter. Like those behemoth mahogany desks, traditional office chairs are also being phased out as individuals prioritize their health. This has led to the rise of ergonomic chairs. The perfect chair for your “home-quarters” promotes quality posture with features far beyond standard adjustability. Thinnk of back-and-headrest tilt-adjustment options and even footrests!

Having the most up-to-date office throne is certainly a nice perk. However, high-tech approaches are not always suitable for all home workplaces. That being said, countless hybrid chairs are both chic and comfortable. Look to find something that works for both your health and style.

Once your dedicated station has been decided upon, it’s time to think about other things you may want. Perhaps an additional seating for client meetings, maybe a daybed for top-secret nap breaks, or even a station for little ones to do homework. Having an adaptable home office that can be useful beyond working hours is important. Moreover, our goal is to create a space that continues to be functional after retirement.

Does your home office need an update? Start the design process with us today!

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