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The Path to Self-Sufficient Living: Gardening Trends

In a world continuously evolving, self-sufficient living can be an invaluable and rewarding discipline. With today’s technologies and clever design choices, you can grow some of your own food and even power your home. While not many of us are thinking of going completely off-grid, gardening is a great way for all to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are a couple of ways in which we can pull much inspiration.

Garden-centric Rooms

The ability to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers all year round in your home can be one of the most beneficial practices we can start to incorporate. We are thrilled to be able to integrate plant-friendly concepts into our interior design schemes well beyond a simple skylight.

Adding a sunroom or solarium to your home can boost your home’s value. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to grow the indoor garden of your dreams. These sun-filled havens can be the perfect spaces to let your imagination run wild. You can take a more traditional approach with a bright and airy feel. Or alternatively, you can take advantage of the bountiful sunlight and bring in moodier tones and colors. You truly can not go wrong with either! Incorporating nature into your home not only heightens visual appeal but also presents a laundry list of other benefits. Indoor gardening can improve air quality, regulate humidity, boost your skin health, and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Who doesn’t need that?.

Indoor Herb Gardens

Another concept that has caught our eye in this sphere is integrating an herb garden literally INTO the kitchen island. Achieve this by having our team design a custom island with a linear well cut into the stone or wooden slab. Then, a plumber can create sufficient drainage into your existing water line. This concept may seem absurd, but trust us, it’s a show-stopper. Beyond pure beauty and innovation, functionally, it makes a lot of sense for a passionate home cook.

For those even more serious about their gardening practices, hydroponic cultivation has allowed homeowners in every climate to pluck ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, and heads of lettuce all year long. This is a method of growing plants in nutrient-rich water instead of soil is a procedure that large, commercial growers have been doing for decades. Just recently has been adopted by hobbyists, garden-lovers, and environmentalists, alike. Companies like Rise Garden, Gardyn Tech, and Lettuce Grow have developed stylish and modern systems for those of us interested in taking this savvy leap. 

Designing indoor environments geared toward gardening and food growth is a trend we feel excited about given its multifaceted advantages, both aesthetically and environmentally. We couldn’t be more excited about some of the new trends that are turning our industry upside down.

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