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Chances are, you’ve heard of tiny homes. The minimalist lifestyle is trending, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up style. Tiny homes provide an opportunity to see where form and function meet, but they may not be for everyone. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding if a tiny home is a good fit for you. 


Energy Efficient

The majority of tiny homes pride themselves on being energy efficient. In addition to using less electricity, the compact appliances are designed to conserve energy. Being green is easy with a tiny home. 

Easy Maintenance

Tiny homes have fewer electric outlets and pipes than the typical home. With multi-purpose (and even self-cleaning) appliances, you can focus on the outdoors and activities outside your home. Multi-purpose appliances also help you make the most of the reduced number of electrical outlets. Lastly, though there may be fewer appliances, this does mean there are fewer appliances you need to maintain and fix.

Creative Storage Options

With the lack of surface area, you definitely have to get creative with storage. Lofts are a common feature in these homes, which typically serve as a bedroom area. Lofts also provide two floors and height that you can use to your advantage.

Tiny homes typically have a ladder or small staircase to the loft. This leaves the bottom floor open for entertaining and allows for a much larger ceiling in the living room. Tall shelving can be accessed with a ladder or staircase which can easily be put away or collapsed when not in use

Emphasis on the Outdoors

One of the great features of these homes is the infinite possibilities when it comes to outdoor entertainment. You can utilize yard space to create an outdoor oasis, complete with a fire pit, cozy seating, water features, and more. Taking advantage of natural light with well-placed windows is another key to make your tiny home feel more spacious and bright. Make sure to take the outdoors into account when considering a tiny home. 


Less Living Space

This one is definitely common sense, but it’s a double-edged-sword. You have less room to entertain, but this means there is less space to clean. Aficionados of the minimalist look may also welcome the challenge a tiny home’s limited space poses. However, there are those who may prefer more square footage to meet their needs.

Prioritizing the Spaces You Need

If you value entertaining, you may have to sacrifice storage options to ensure you have enough room for the activities you value. Also, consider whether you would be content with rooms having multiple purposes. Making some spaces serve multiple purposes is a great way to make the most out of a tiny home. 

Issues with Zoning 

Some places don’t allow residential zoning of land for dwellings smaller than 200 square feet, which can make things difficult for current or aspiring tiny home owners. There are ways around this, like finding specifically zoned land for these homes. However, you might have a few close neighbors sharing the property with you. 

If you have a vision for your dream tiny home in mind but don’t quite know how to achieve it, contact WPL Interior Design today through our online inquiry form

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