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Every new house and apartment starts as an empty canvas that is waiting to be turned into a home. Some spaces are more limited than others, but there is still much that can be done to truly personalize your small apartment without feeling like you are lacking in space.

Start with the Entryway

The front door and entryway is what first welcomes you and your guests to your home. Even if you do not have an official entryway in your apartment, or the space is limited, you can really set the stage of your home at the doorway. Let your home say hello to you with a stylish rug, a boldly painted door, or a wall accented with fun wallpaper. You can also add a shoe rack, entryway storage, or wall hooks to help keep your doorway clear and organized.

Designate Your “Rooms”

Most homes and apartments these days are designed with an open plan, meaning more space but less walls to separate rooms from each other. While this can certainly brighten up interiors and make small spaces seem bigger, it can feel daunting when trying to figure out how to coordinate your floor plan!

When personalizing small apartments, consider what types of rooms and spaces are important to you. Most people like having a living room, dining area, and possibly an office space for work or even a play area for children. Once you’ve narrowed down the areas you desire in your home, you can start organizing your apartment and separating the spaces with rugs and other pieces of furniture.

Photos: Jay Greene Photography

Find Statement Pieces

It can be difficult to find ways to personalize a smaller home. But being in a small apartment does not mean you have to sacrifice your personality or decor, and there are many opportunities to spruce up your home.

If you are downsizing and selling off excess furniture that may not fit into a smaller space, select a few pieces that you love to bring with you. At WPL, we have helped clients reupholster their furniture when they downsized.

For those who are moving into a new space with nothing, consider the types of furniture you will need and consider spending a little extra to find those “wow” accent pieces that can double up as functional and decorative items for your home.

You can also liven up your apartment with other accents and finishes that take up little to no extra space through lighting fixtures, countertops, cabinets, hardware, backsplashes, wall colors, wall mirrors, and more.

If you are having trouble envisioning how to make your apartment into a home, give us a call. From personalizing small apartments to remodeling condos and other smaller spaces, we make sure to deliver you your dream home.

Photo: Jay Greene Photography

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