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Using Marble in Your Bathroom Makeover 

There’s a new trend in bathroom design that doesn’t involve using marble all over the walls and floors. This year, designers are using it as an accent. While renovating your bathroom this year, make a mental note to use marble as an accent and stay in line with the trends. This amazing material can be used on the bathroom floor, walls, or even just one accent wall to add some elegance to your space. So if you want to add a dash of class to your bathroom, read on for some marble-ous ideas!

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Using Marble as An Accent

While in the past, marble was used predominantly for flooring and countertops, today, it is more of an accent. Designers are increasingly using it to create focal points such as backsplashes, trims, and shower surrounds. This trend is partly because marble is now available in various colors and patterns. As a result, it is easier than ever to find a type of marble that complements the overall design of your bathroom.

Mixing And Matching

This year, another trend in bathroom decor is mixing and matching different types of marbles. It is all about mixing different colors, textures, and patterns to create a unique and eye-catching space. Mixing marble colors and types is the perfect way to add personality to your bathroom and make it stand out from the rest.

Here are some examples of using multiple marble colors in your bathroom:

  • Pair a white Carrara countertop with a black Marquina marble backsplash because this contrast between the two colors will create a stunning look.
  • For a more subtle look, mix and match different shades of the same color. For example, pair a light Bianco Carrara with a darker Botticino marble, and the shades will add depth to your bathroom without being too over-the-top.
  • If you want to make a statement, mix multiple colors and patterns together. A chevron patterned Calacatta floor paired with a geometric Carrera backsplash will create a chic look perfect for any bathroom.

Whatever combination you choose, let your creative freedom flow to add personality to your bathroom and create a space that reflects your personality.

Incorporating Marble into Bathroom Fixtures

Smooth, cool marble has long been revered for its beauty and durability. Nowadays, it is being used in bathroom fixtures to add a touch of glam to the room. The sleek lines of a marble countertop or sink can give the bathroom a modern, chic look. And because it is so strong and durable, it is perfect for high-traffic areas like your bathroom. With proper care, your fixtures will last a lifetime.

Creating Geometric Patterns

Of all the places in the home, your bathroom is perhaps the most personal. It is a place of relaxation and self-care, a space to be inhabited alone or with loved ones. And yet, for all its intimacy, the bathroom is also a place of contradictions.

Designers these days have a new inclination: using marble to create geometric patterns on bathroom floors and walls. The result is an arresting blend of form and function, artistry and utility. It is a natural material with unique veining, and when used in bathrooms, it can create a feeling of luxury.

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