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Wallpaper is back and in a Big, Big Way!

It seems like wallpaper went out with the last millennium and it has been shunned ever since. Seen as old and dated, tired and old school, wallpaper sales plummeted in past decades. However, all that is about to change. Wallpaper has been making a comeback in recent years and it’s getting hotter now than ever.

Paint is great and we love using paint for color or pattern, but you can rarely achieve the same style, depth and interest with paint as you can with wallpaper. Painted finishes require so many layers and steps and the beauty of wallpaper is it is almost ready to hang out of the box; with the right prep of course.

Wallpaper comes in every style, every color, every pattern and every price range from very affordable up to hundreds of dollars per yard or even thousands per panel. Paint will always be one of the biggest bangs for your buck, but if your paint isn’t cutting it and it is leaving you less than thrilled, try using wallpaper.

If you are hesitant or nervous about using wallpaper and committing to one that you will have to live with for a while, then try doing a smaller space. An accent wall, say behind a bed, is a great focal point without having to commit to a whole room of wallpaper.

Powder rooms are other great spaces for wallpaper because they require less paper, and due to the fact that they are spaces we spend very little time in, are by design great spaces to do something fun and crazy with wallpaper. You will tire of your wallpaper less quickly in a Powder Room.

Ceilings too are great places for wallpaper. We love a silver or gold leaf papered ceiling in the right space.

We challenge you to really think outside the box when it comes to wallpaper and go ahead, fly your freak flag. Do it with wallpaper!

Some of our favorite brands are Cole & Son, Philip Jeffries, Lee Jofa, Brunschwig & Fils and Scalamandre. But there are so many great brands from which to choose.

Even if you are thinking of a solid color for your walls, a deep blue or red grass cloth will give you a much cozier and finished look than just flat paint. So freshen up your walls with wallpaper.

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