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Latest Kitchen Appliances: What’s New

As technology advances, the latest kitchen appliances only get better and better. You can find touchscreens on almost any appliance these days. And now, even some countertop appliances have the ability to use Alexa to tell you when your food is ready. Refrigerators have also come a long way from being simple “iceboxes.” Sub Zero and Wolf are great examples of that. They provide next-level, professional-grade appliances in your home with the newest features. 

Sub Zero Refrigerators

Sub Zero refrigerators present an exciting list of features to be utilized and a huge bonus is they are stunning. You can opt for sleek door options or cabinet-ready fronts to easily integrate them into your kitchen cabinets for a seamless look. The interiors are just as visually appealing with clean lines, bright white organizational compartments, and clear faces for a modern design.

You might not think that a fridge can be much more advanced than keeping your food and beverages cool, but Sub Zero refrigerators have achieved enhancements for modern-day refrigeration. You can preserve your food and wine exactly how they should be, all in one fridge. By using dual refrigeration, unique environments are created for your food items. They also contain an air purification system that keeps the air clean and crisp. How the doors seal is also an important feature. Their magnetic gasket to tightly close the door ensures the freshest way to cool your food and beverages. The under-counter refrigerator is ideal for storing beverages of all kinds and is also available with pull-out drawers. 

Wolf Cooktops and Ovens

Wolf ranges provide beautiful options for gas and electric cooktops and ovens. These latest kitchen appliances come with customizable features are the ideal look for ranges. Cooking is daunting for some people and a creative outlet for others. No matter which one you are, Wolf ranges use the science behind cooking to better the experience. Wolf’s convection ovens create a reliable way of cooking by evenly heating for perfect consistency. Steam cooking is another bonus with their convection ovens. Their induction cooktops won’t have you standing impatiently in front of the burner waiting a while for that big pot of water to boil either. The spacious ovens are great for having guests over and with all the other cooking features, meals will be ready in no time. Warming drawers are another great feature when you plan on having guests. These drawers will gently keep food warm or just preheat dinnerware! 

Cove Dishwashers

Just like the Sub Zero Refrigerators, Cove dishwashers can have sleek fronts or be panel-ready to blend right into your cabinetry. The inside of Cove dishwashers also provides visual points of where you can adjust the racks to house anything that is dishwasher safe, even those tricky larger or oddly shaped items. With the four-stage cleaning and a menu full of options to select what type of cycle you want to run, the Cove dishwasher is quite advanced. Led lights are even along the inside!

As you can tell, we are crazy over the latest kitchen appliances and their innovative technology. Not only do they provide a great kitchen experience, but they are also beautiful in design. We would love to help you find the best solutions for your kitchen needs. If you’re considering remodeling or simply refreshing your kitchen, give WPL Interior Design a call. We’d love to help transform your kitchen into your new favorite room.

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