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Where Does Design Inspiration Come From?

When it comes to interior design, inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. Design is not solely about aesthetics, although that is very important, but it is also about function and utility. Design itself has a trickle effect; its influences start from the most easily changed industries and works its way down to more stagnant places. Here are some common spaces from which interior design inspiration derives.


Interior design trends will often closely follow similar movements found in the high-fashion industry. The fashion industry showcases new collections every Spring and Fall, respectively starting in the months of January and July. This timeline may seem confusing, but fashion collections are often ahead of schedule than the retail marketplace. New trends need to be shown early in time for designers to manufacture orders and for magazines to get their photographs and print their issues. When a new collection comes in, the prior season’s influences will have finally flowed down into retail, just in time to maximize sales.

In a similar fashion, residential design markets showcase new trends and collections in the Spring and Fall. At WPL, we attend annual trade shows and merchandise markets to stay up to date with current trends and innovations in the interior design industry.

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Design always has a starting point, and that can begin with a single product as inspiration. Products are always changing in colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. They can also be the glue that brings together tradition and new innovations. Depending on your style, there are many products you can look at that will fit in with your personality and general design aesthetic, including fabric, wallpaper, paint, lighting, rugs, and other accessories.

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While the automotive industry may seem like an unlikely place to find interior design inspiration, car interior designers are at the forefront when it comes to marrying appearance and function. Luxury car companies, such as Audi, have been considered early adopters and leaders in LED lighting technology. BMW and Mini also invest a lot in technical research that will make their cars feel luxurious while improving utility.

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When you consider how small the interior space of a car is and consider the obstacles that come with the space, you will find just how deliberate many of the design choices in a vehicle are. Interior design in cars come with many challenges, from matching the theme of the car to its targeted consumers, to incorporating safety features, such as airbags, into the design. Seating upholstery needs to not only look good and feel good, but it also needs to be able to withstand passengers getting in and out of the car daily. A vehicle’s carpeting is more than just part of the stylistic design, but contributes to absorbing road noise within the car. You will also find car companies beautifully showcase the use of mixed materials in their interiors.

While the interior space of a home will have a lot more room than a car’s interior, the automotive industry is a great example of interior designers paying attention to the finest details when making design decisions.

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WPL Interior Design Inspiration

At WPL, our job is to find the balance between substance and style. With over 35 years of experience, we put the personalities and lifestyles of our clients before our own. Our inspiration is sourced from many places, including nature, travel, different cultures, history, architecture and even movies and popular culture! Whatever inspires our clients also inspires us to create something unique and purposeful. Whether you are looking to renovate your home or need interior design services for brand new construction, we will guide you through the design process and deliver something that you can truly call your own space. Give us a call today to set up a consultation!

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