Bathroom Design Trends 2017

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We are seeing some new and continuing trends in Bathroom Design. Here are our insights:

It used to be that residential bathroom design influenced hotel bathroom design, but now hotel bathroom design has surpassed residential bathroom design, so hotel bathroom design is influencing residential bathroom design.

Larger, open plan bathrooms are the trend.

These open plan bathrooms are often open in part to the master bedroom or suite. Ventilation and moisture control is extremely important in open bathroom plans as well as separate toilet compartments. Slip resistant tile floors are crucial, as well as wet location outlets and lights.

Philadelphia Magazine Design Home - Bathroomdesign-home-tiles-philadelphia-interior-design_2673

There are more modern design accents.

Tub trends are going towards deep soaking, effervescent, acoustic, non-conventional shaped, stand-alone tubs and LED lighting is being incorporated into sinks, tubs, toilets and the entire bathroom. One challenge to newly popular open door-less showers is controlling cold drafts. Floating vanities and wall hung sinks are becoming more popular as well.



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