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2023 Design Trends from High Point Market

High Point Market is an excellent choice for learning design trends. High Point, North Carolina, is known as the Furniture Capital of the World, and its biannual market is one of the largest trade shows for furniture and interior design. Each event brings 75,000 tradespeople together to learn the latest trends and talk shop. 

High Point Market takes place in April and October. The recent April event gives us a look at what’s new in interior design this year – and we lay out all the new trends here. Choose a favorite and confidently shop to your heart’s content! 

What’s Trending at High Point This Year? 

This year we see a continuation of recent trends and a resurgence of earlier ones, but with a twist.

We’re Staying Earthy

Natural wood tones and warm earthy colors like cinnamon, mushroom, clays, chocolate browns, and terracotta are reminiscent of the 1970s. The colors keep life peaceful while supporting recent green trends like biophilic design. Olive green is now an anchor in many natural color schemes. 

The earthy look continues to be popular in minimalist aesthetics but is expanding into more maximalist styles. Natural rattan and warm woods work well with both types. Plenty of these materials are on display this year. Cottagecore design is a perfect example of an earthy look in a busier style. 

Art Deco Continues Its Resurgence

Art Deco is known for its blend of geometric styling, rich, dark tones, glass and metal accents, and decorative wall treatments. This year all are on display, with especially more use of shiny materials such as lacquer, glass, and polished stone. A particular emphasis is being placed this year on black and gold.

1960s Mod is Back and in Bold New Colors 

Mod design was as much about color as it was about its shapes. It showcased vibrant oranges, reds, pinks, purples, and, most recently, yellows. Now the colors are back, bolder and richer than ever – and the more the contrast, the better. If you imagine touring a candy store, you get the basic idea. Pantone’s color of the year Viva Magenta is proof of this trend.  

Furniture styles also follow along, picking up on Mod’s curved, fully round designs and flowing fabric patterns. 

Marble Goes Big

Marble is everywhere, from giant walls to dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, and smaller accessories. It adds richness to homes and always stays in style. These traits keep it in high demand, making it an ideal material for boosting a home’s resale value. This year it is center stage – and well worth the investment. 

Blue and Green

These two colors and their blends are trending with varying boldness. We can choose from softer tones to evoke calm richness to bright and vibrant colors that inject a similar effect as this year’s bold mod colors. This includes bold, marble-like treatments on dining tables and coffee tables.

The above trends make this year more colorful than ever in tones ranging from earthy colors, deep blacks, hot pinks, and blends of blues and greens. This year there is something for everyone, allowing us to express ourselves in the ways we love most!

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